Unable to "improve the logo" - can't connect to server



I’m trying to submit a suggestion for a logo. I’ve entered all the details, but when I tap the tick, I see an error:

Failed to connect to server, please retry

I’ve tried on both 4G and Wifi to make sure it’s not the connection, but no luck so far.

Is anyone else seeing this, or is it just me?

Edit: I can’t submit a change for the name / location either


I submitted a logo this morning and it worked fine.


I’ve literally just submitted a logo improvement now to test it and its worked fine.


Not sure why it wouldn’t allow it, but I killed the app, reopened it and it worked fine.

I that time I also notice the transaction has changed from a generic icon to a category icon. But I can now submit improvements all OK :confused: Maybe I was a bit quick for it?