Unable to connect notice


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Just a very minor issue but when opening the app is says ‘Unable to connect, check your Internet connection.’

Hardly the end of the world and may only relate to my phone but no other app on my phone says this!

The app is connected 4G or WiFi

All help’s I hope


Got the same thing. Everything still seems to work though.


Thanks for letting us know, good to know it’s not affecting your use of the app too much. iOS or Android?


Maybe a network glitch that’s resolved itself? I had it earlier and not since :open_mouth:


I get this error everytime I open a menu (say add money) and go back to the main screen. I’ve found this happens on both wifi and on 4G.

Overall the app works and i have no errors that stop me using Starling, but it’s a little annoying to see this each time I go back from opening a menu item and it puts me off a little from showing others the app when I’m talking about/reccomending Starling. (I’ve added a screenshot to show the error)


Thank you for the screenshot, we’ll make sure we look into why this might be happening. If you can let me know your device and version of app that’d help us. :pray:


I’m on Android 7.1.2 using version 0.16.10.

It updated yesterday to the above version and it was doing the same on the previous version.


Yes, I’m using a Huawei P8 Lite 2017 with Android 7.0 using Starling version 0.16.10.

Was also doing this in the previous version.


Now seems to be working fine on my S5.



Hi all, Trying to get to the bottom of this one. YellowandGreen, it’s great that it is no longer occurring for you. Can I ask others to confirm if you’re still experiencing the problem since the update today?


Seems to be gone for me as well


I haven’t seen it since updating, it’s all working perfectly now. Thanks. :slight_smile: