"Unable to connect, check your internet connection"


I keep getting the “Unable to connect, check your internet connection” toast message appearing in the transaction list every time I refresh. This is happening on both 4G and Wifi (strong connection on both).

The app is still able to load maps in, so it appears to be something specific to the refresh on the transaction list.


It appears to work for me.

Perhaps report it to CS just in case.


Yeah, I have done. Just wondered if anyone was getting similar was all.

I know Sarah mentioned yesterday about some changes potentially getting rolled out today regarding the merchant info/mapping, so wondered if it could be that?


All fine here, am using the Android version.


It’s stopped showing that message for me now too. I’m guessing they’ll be able to check the logs to determine if it was a temporary server-side issue?


Why does no connection badge is on top of status bar?
So annoying…


Getting same connection issue flag as OP was getting back in Sept at start of this thread, but in my case it’s every time I open the app afresh.
Phone connection is fine, however, (Android 7.0, Starling

Anyone else seeing this?


Hey @philby - thanks for flagging this. Sounds like a bug.
If the app can still be used, can you please log this with CS from your app?
Helps us check what might be causing it.


@patrick It seems to be a mobile data issue. I don’t get it when I’m on WiFi but if I turn it off and use 4g it brings up the unable to connect warning. The app works fine but I get the warning.


Thanks for sharing @Cragmireuk. Does this always happen on data, regardless of where you are?
If the app works, then surely you’re connected.
Will raise this with our devs.


I am usually out and about when I see that pop up. I’m on ee so coverage is good for me most places. Never had connection issues but regularly get that pop-up.


Do you connect to VPN?


No, home WiFi or 4g


Ignore that, it’s doing it on WiFi now


Logged Patrick, thanks.
(Issue persists whether 4G or wireless).


Thanks for doing this.


Any fix scheduled for this?
No problems getting notifications even when app is closed but the failed connection alert on opening the app isn’t too confidence inspiring.


Our devs are actively working on this.
Can expect a fix in one of the next releases.
Thanks for your patience and sorry for the confusion this error is causing.


Thanks Patrick!


Getting the same error here. A payment made to my account this morning shows on the Android app but debits are not showing at all.