UI suggestions


I thought it might be a nice idea to showcase some great UI examples that might provide inspiration for future starling developments. It’s still early days for starling and features are still being developed, this thread may help shape some of that development.

I’ve posted these elsewhere but thought it was worth having one thread for things like this.


I loved the swipe up transition… this makes me nostalgic


Customisable home button with quick links?


Maybe the same UI on Android and iOS would be a start?


android and ios users have different expectations regarding look and feel, imo keeping them separated is a good thing. but the functionality should be equivalent.


I don’t see this, lots of complaints about the android version, green button, or worse goals screen for instance…


I’m far from satisfied with the android app. I only said that it’s good that they aren’t identical, not that it’s good they are :poop:.


The core functionality should be the same. There are some limitations with design though so both being exactly the same isn’t likely to happen, but I do feel they should both be basically the same.

For example bring back the swipe on Android!


On the subject of UI: in some of the screenshots Starling use on Twitter and their blog I’ve noticed that where amounts are displayed, the “pence” part is displayed in a slightly lighter colour to make the pounds figure clearer:

I kinda like this small touch, it improves glanceability of the value without resorting to rounding.

But it doesn’t appear to be in the current iOS app. Just wondering why this is? Was it removed? Did it get lost between design and development?


I like that the graph can be hidden on this




When I was implementing goals at the time, I tried making the “.pence” part lighter, but it did not work well inside goals (UX wise). It just wasn’t readable.

But, in the meantime shading and contrasts were considerably improved, maybe we should give it another try.

PS: I checked the current build and it is indeed gone from the summary sentence. That’s not right, it actually might be a regression.


Personally I can’t stand the shaded bit for pence. It’s great if you have perfect eyesight but isn’t if you don’t.


For account switching could you have the avatar visible next to the hamburger menu which expands when tapped on to quickly reveal the other accounts like this example…


So from I gather it seems the app used to have the ability on Android to swipe left and right to move between screens. Any reason this was removed? I generally dislike the hamburger menu vs the use of a bottom bar, but at least with the option of swiping there is a quick way to change screens without having to reach to the top of the screen.


It would be nice if the ‘Goals’ section on the Android app had a bit of a design update. The iOS version looks a lot better and it’s somewhat of a psychological incentive to visit and use the section if it looks great. I really like the Album section of the Google Play Music App and it’s not dissimilar to the Goals section in the iOS app either (My mock up above). The three dots context menu is so useful and allows you to do a number of things without having to visit the goal entirely. Worth a thought :smile:

Stellar work otherwise! Thanks a lot.


Cheers for the Payment Screen update @AmberRose. This was my thought on the Goals section :slightly_smiling_face: Cheers again for the hard work. Can’t wait for it all to roll out.


Apologies for the several posts in a row. I had one more thing on mind which I’d love to draw opinion on. I hate to compare between Starling and Monzo, though there’s a great difference in layout between these two screens showing a Sainsburys purchase.

I do admire simplicity, though typeface size, weight and style can really help to draw the eye to certain elements before others. Monzo makes great use of this in their layout (Left), whereas Starlings layout (Right) is considerably more basic with no particular element drawing the eye.

Additionally, there is a lot of white space in the Starling layout with everything being centrally aligned.

Finally, I can immediately see in the Monzo layout, exactly where I purchased my items. The Starling app requires a swipe down of the screen before the full map is revealed.

All of this is tremendously minor and finicky, though it does all contribute to the overall usability of the app as well as user satisfaction.

That’s all for now folks. Dan x


The swipe down will be fixed soon with a green button to view the map instead. :smile:


Not the Green Button! :joy: