UberEats show up as Uber


What the title says. I don’t know if there is enough info on the transaction to tell between the two but it would be nice :blush:


Hi @cgkr, this is actually a much more difficult problem to solve than you’d think. Uber send us exactly the same information for uber eats as they do for car journeys, right down to the transaction references, so they’re completely indistiguishable. Monzo have the exact same issue. We’re trying to work out a way to solve this but it’s not something we can fix quickly unfortunately.


Not sure if you are already aware of this but subscriptions for Google Play Music come up as Google Drive.


@Josh a solution in that case would be a section in the transaction details showing other known names for this merchant.

Other uses for this would be multiple places (at the same location) that share the same POS, e.g. a pub here in Glasgow has a club upstairs (with separate entrance and name) and transactions from both places share the merchant details of the pub.


Ideally we’d like to do something a bit more sophisticated than that, so we’re going to keep digging for a proper solution :thumbsup:


Makes sense @Josh! Should I open a separate bug for places with different names sharing same POS and merchant details?


I don’t think that’s necessary, but feel free to list them here :slight_smile:


Could it be an additional question or option when a transaction from known companies appears? For example if I use Uber or order from Uber Eats, it either pops up saying “Which was this?” or I can press into a transaction and change it this way?


It’ll also be good to have a “Takeaway” or “Eat In” category in Spending for all the sinful food I have delivered.


The ideal solution is for the Merchant to use the Fast Food MCC code for Uber Eats transactions and the Transportation MCC code for Uber transactions, there are masses of 4 digit Mastercard Merchant Category Codes to describe the purchase and the Merchant should use the correct ones.


Hey I see that on the transaction details there is a separation between UBER EATS and UBER TRIP. Would that mean that the transaction name could also be renamed accordingly?


Hi @cgkr, which transaction details are you referring to?


For example those two