Twitter customer service - fintech


Some interesting stats for Monzo, starling, atom and tandem in this article about twitter customer service.

Atom Help (76%)
Monzo (42%)
Starling Bank (28%)
Tandem (22%)


Looking a bit closer the figures are misleading, there’s a HUGE difference between monzo/starling and atom/tandem


I think it all depends on how a company uses Twitter.

I don’t think I’d feel comfortable or that my data is secure giving my account details/other personal details out in a DM to any bank.


At Revolut only their social media teams (twitter and facebook) aren’t dysfunctional and actually respond :stuck_out_tongue:


Every time I’ve needed something from Tandem, they not only take a day to reply, but their reply is “I’m sorry but I can’t help you with that, please call 020 3370 0970 instead”

Even worse with the fintech pretenders that call themselves “B”. Everything over the phone. Nice looking app and decent card… but they can’t even notify you when transactions happen :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Tandem is horrendous customer service, they refuse to deal with anything unless its over the phone.

Monzo is still by far the best I’ve used.

Atom is good, but I don’t particular like them nowadays so don’t use them very often.

Starling not had to use them recently, so can’t comment.

The article does state “Monzo came out on top as the best overall providers of customer service with the best aggregate score* across inbound volume, response rate, responses under 30 mins and sentiment amongst customers.”


Tandem are best accessed via Facebook though they’re soon to introduce a standard forum platform.


Yep and they tell you to phone customer service directly, unless its a suggestion or comment. They don’t answer anything account related.

Both times I’ve accessed social media with Tandem this past week, I have been told to phone them, when in fact there was no need for me to, they just don’t have customer service staff using Facebook just product managers etc. Been with them since the start, always been one of the worst customer service I’ve come across.


There’s no doubt they need to raise their game. A very friendly presence on Facebook it maybe, but when it hits the fan…you’re right.


I recently had to deal with Barclays CS and that was done through Twitter DMs. Quick and easy!