Trello app UI/UX


I recently found the monzo Trello board and it seemed to be a bit more user friendly (for those that aren’t techy) and aimed more at specific app enhancements whereas the starling one feels very techy and I don’t really understand it. It would be good if there was a starling Trello board to show future app UI/UX improvements and timescales so we can see what’s coming. It might be that the starling one is aimed at these things but I just don’t understand it compared to monzo.


The Starling Trello is for the Starling API only. They don’t have one for the actual account.

I agree - they should create one. :slight_smile:


That will be why it doesn’t make any sense to me then! :joy:


One for us to think about! We’re very interested in finding ways to share ideas/communicate with you all so this is useful feedback @Cragmireuk


I like how monzo seem to be very transparent about what they’re looking at so something like this would be great to give us an idea of what you’re up to. And to be nosey of course! It would save you having to update your roadmap on here too.