Transfers from an Irish account


Hi guys. I’m a new member and have been following Starling and Monzo since their launch. I really hope Starling succeeds in winning this competition as well, as I consider it to be a much better and reliable product.

I have a question for you guys:

Has any of you experienced very high waiting periods for transfers coming from Irish accounts?

I’m waiting for two transfers made last week for my previous flat deposit refund… It’s taking ages and starling support has said as soon as the money arrives on their end they credit it instantly.

Just wondering if it’s normal that it could take more than a week for an International transfer to be complete. It hasn’t happened to me before , and I’m not at a point where I would blame starling (yet).

Hope to hear your thoughts on this .

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I’m guessing it was sent by SWIFT? It really shouldn’t take more than a few days.

Unfortunately, Starling probably won’t offer you much assistance on this, it’s always the responsibility of the sending bank to trace missing payments.

I suggest you contact the sender and ask them to contact their bank.

Let us know how it goes.


Hey, so this is coming from Irish Revenue. So don’t really know which is the sender bank (I assume bank of Ireland?).

However starling today confirmed via support that the time it should take for international transfer made through IBAN / BIC should be up to 5 business days.

Revenue confirmed that they processed it on the 15th… So hopefully tomorrow .

Tomorrow I will be getting my salary deposited on my Starling account for the first time as well… So I hope everything turns out well. I decided to use this account as my main one in UK. And have high hopes for it.


Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow then.

5 days is a long time. SWIFT payments have always cleared within 2-3 days for me.

I wouldn’t worry about your salary. I have received many, many UK payments in to my Starling account without any issues. You won’t be disappointed. :slight_smile:


@Ben is correct I have my salary paid in since June on the account and had several payments UK based.


So… I still haven’t received the money and I’m very frustrated by this point. Not knowing who to blame really. I would prefer someone to tell me that my money was stopped somewhere along the way for fraud investigation which would be much better than being told by the sender that it should already be in the receivers end and starling saying they haven’t received the payment yet.

If anyone had an experience like this, with a SWIFT transfer taking more than an entire week, please share your experiences here.

I’m sure I won’t be making a swift transfer from abroad to my starling account anytime soon.


Hi having worked for some of the major highstreet bank in their fraud department and various CS dept I can assure you if the recipient bank states it will credit your salary straight away. I would be having the awkward conversation with the sending bank.

If starling promises to credit the money straight away it won’t be held in a suspense account for them trying to figure out the intended recipient who is yourself.

Also I had a current account with Bank of Ireland (Northern Ireland) many moons ago and they use to take 3 days or so for transfers to reach my NatWest account.

I hope this helps.


You need to speak to the sender and ask them to contact their bank.

If Starling can’t see the payment, then there is little they can do to help.


Hey Zack, this is not my salary. I didn’t have a problem with my salary getting paid in the account as I work in London.

These are SWIFT transfers from Ireland which I chose to have credited directly into Starling , now I whish I just used my BOI account. I honestly don’t know which fault is this yet, I just want to find out where my money is, as one of these payments was a tax refund made by Revenue in Ireland and they have confirmed that they sent the money on the 15th… It’s been now more than 5 business days… Revenue says they sent it back then, and Starling says they haven’t received it.

So what do I do? Take it to revenue and reinstate my receiver bank never got the transfer?


Yes, contact Irish Revenue and make it clear to them that nothing has arrived.

They need to contact their bank and ask them to check the SWIFT logs.

In my experience, it is always the sending bank at fault.


There is still one slight possibility of starling holding my payment and not really telling the truth. What makes me believe this is that my wife’s refund was processed on the same day to our joint BOI account and it was credited instantly.

My own refund was paid at the same time but it never arrived… But well… I read sometimes with these transfers this could also be an intermediate bank holding the money as well, which wouldn’t be Starling’s fault.

I hope this is resolved by next week as I’m really upset with this whole situation :S


I will do this on Monday, though I have told them already that I didn’t receive anything and to please double check the status of the payment


@patrick are you able to assist and look into this?


Thanks Joe.

@gonzgonz I can see you’ve already been in contact with CS. We will come back to you as soon as we have an update directly in the app.



As you stated your don’t have a problem with your salary being paid into starling and also you said your wife refund paid in straight away into a BOI account.

My analysis of the situation would be to interbank transfer being made by the bank and the processing of it.

Logically speaking of you had issues full stop with payments into the account then process of elimination would bring Starling into disrepute.

Howeve, I’m leaning on The sending Bank.

Get the revenue or sending bank to trace the payment.


I find having had issues with various banks that the problem normally lies with the sending bank or an intermediary bank rather than recipient bank. The sending bank can speak to one of their departments to request a trace on the sent funds and to get a copy of the transaction data showing a reference that will help the receiving bank trace it from their end.


Good informed support here. I’ve no doubt, though, that whatever the reason, that isn’t it.


Well I’ll make sure to post what happened, I’m a starling fan and hope to convert any Monzo shipper, but I needed to know other opinions as well


Thanks for updating and letting us know how it goes.


Well guys, sorry for confirming the obvious here: Starling didn’t have anything to do in this mess it seems. The transfers were rejected to the sender banks and they haven’t realised that yet.

Though I provided:

account name
Bank name
Bank address

Not sure why would they be rejected, banks are BOI and AIB