Transactions slow to update?



Since yesterday I have made two transactions and their speed of appearing on transactions list has not been instant. Both times I get a notification but nothing on list of transactions. The total money is also deducted from.

One transaction came late yesterday afternoon. I spoke to CS who could see the transaction and told me to reinstall app. I did. This did not resolve issue. However after rebooting phone it appeared.

Today I just made another transaction and the total has updated but is not at present showing on the transaction list. I have restarted phone and still not appearing. I just reinstalled app and not there.

Is there an issue with the transaction list?

Update: after about 15 mins the transaction appeared. Has anyone else got delayed transactions?

"Remaining Overdraft" Balance Not Updating

Yesterday was fine but this morning bought a bus ticket and I could see it deducted from my balance. But it wasn’t showing in my transaction list till I went in and out several times on the app.


I also had this happen yesterday, I just pulled down on the transaction list to refresh and it appeared. Looks like some sort of caching issue to me.


Hopefully someone Starling can check if there is an issue. :grinning:


Just had this today.

A notification popped up saying a bill had been paid, but nothing was showing in the transaction list nor spending analytics. The account balance shown in Pulse was correct, but there was nothing listed under spent today. I even refreshed screens and restarted the app with no difference.

It probably took about 10 minutes before it all finally updated properly!


Something definitely odd going on

Anyone from Starling have any updates?


Just tried again. No notification but transaction list updated.


Now the original issue is happening.


Hi there.

We are aware of this issue, Alex one of our iOS devs has fixed the issue on iOS this week. It’s tested and should be in our next release. Can you confirm you’re all on iOS?



Great to hear. I am on iOS.


Throwing a spanner in the works … Android 7.0 here (LG G6)


Ok thanks @ben2018 I’ll get the Android team to check this. Is is consistently not refreshing or only occasionally?


Couldn’t say I’m afraid, as I don’t generally have a large number of transactions. It’s also not something I’ve noticed before. Indeed, I’d have probably ignored it as a glitch if it weren’t for this thread!

That’s not much to go on, I know. Hopefully it’s related to the iOS issue and easy to track down, or just a (rather big) coincidence for a one-off problem.


I made a payment this morning, and although I received a Starling push notification and my balance updated immediately, the transaction refused to appear in my feed until I completely quit the app and reentered. Not even a pull-down refresh worked. Frustrating! I’m on Android 8.1.0 (One Plus 5).


I am still getting slow transaction issues on iOS. Is anyone else still getting this ?


Since what time?


I still get them regulary. I find myself frequently having to wait for the transaction to appear on list, pull to refresh or quit app.


This isn’t the experience I’m having on iOS, maybe uninstall and reinstall, and see if this resolves. If you uninstall make sure youve not got 3 devices associated in account security beforehand.


I have done this now. I will see what happens next time I’ll use card. :blush:


Cheers, keep me updated.