Transactions re categorising themselves


Is anyone else having issues with categories re categorising themselves. I changed the category of a transaction and having gone into my account now noticed that it has reverted back to starlings originally set category. I thought this happened a couple of days ago but couldn’t be sure I was mistaken but I know for certain I changed this categorisation!


It doesn’t happen often but I have noticed it before. I wonder if it’s where an offline transaction has been updated?


Hi @Andy_Cheney!

Can you confirm your device and the app version please?


I’m on iPhone X and running the latest version from this morning. One thing I did wonder though is I have the app on my iPad Pro 10.5 as a backup and I have opened that today so would that affect it maybe?


Having the app on your iPad shouldn’t impact it at all.

I see that our devs do have this bug noted down and are working on it as we speak. I will add your device details to the bug report :smiley:


Ah right - thanks. I deleted the app from my iPad anyway just in case!!


I’ve had the same issues. iPhone X, iOS 11.3.1, app 0.48.0 (though this occurred with the last version).


I too have occasionally seen that the category reverts to the original one when the transaction changes from “pending” (i.e. it becomes settled). But it’s sporadic.


Hi @Rob - have you experienced it this whilst running the latest version of the app?


Hi @LoganAllan. I only downloaded the latest version yesterday, so not had chance yet. I will keep an eye out though and will let you know if it recurs.


Perfect, thank you! :star2:


I’ve had the same issue on my iPhone 6S Plus too, running the latest version of the Starling app


Thank you @danielsmith89 - I have added your device details to the report :grinning: