Transactions not showing in app


made 2 transactions today, but niether are showing in the app, even though I had two popup notifications… anyone else had this today?

Asked customer service, and they can see the transactions, so it seems to be an app issue…?


How recent?

There seems to be a nationwide MasterCard issue - Not sure if it affects Starling though.

@LoganAllan - How’s your status?


The wierd thing is, the transactions have gone through, and customer service can see them, they are just not showing in app


Have you tried force quit app? Manual refresh of the transaction list?


There’s another thread reporting payments being reversed due to a mastercard issue, probably worth a read.


@John_Piggford - can you tell me when you made the transactions?


yep tried both of those, just says spent today £0.00


Lunchtime and just half an hour ago


Ah ok, it is related to the MasterCard issue - the transaction will appear in the app within a few days


If it was related to the MasterCard issue, wouldn’t he have had notifications about transactions being reversed?


I literally had the popup notification, and when I went into the app…nothing. CS said the transaction had gone through as normal


agreed… and similarly if it’s the mastercard issue, why can CS see the transactions?? @LoganAllan perhaps you’re conflating two issues too quickly?


When we had the reversals issue a couple of weeks ago only one of my two transactions got a notification saying it was declined, the other simply didn’t show in my spending u til 2 or 3 days later.

Cusotmer Service are able to see much more info on payments on their side tha we se in app, I believe, which is logical.


@Brad_T @danmullen

It was confirmed with the engineers and I took a look at John’s account to double check. It is/was related to the MasterCard incident :slightly_smiling_face: