Transactions Not Loading


I’ve noticed on Starling that when I tap on a transaction one time, it could open and show everything perfectly, full map and all the info, but if I went out of it and then opened it again, no address or map will show. It happens on all the transactions, it might work or it might not. I’ll show an example.

This is the screen when everything loads correctly:

Now if I go back to the home screen then go back to the transaction and open it, this is what I get:

As you can see, same transaction, but it has not loaded correctly this time.

This happens on ALL my transactions, it is hit and miss if it will load correctly and annoying.

Just thought I should bring it to Starling’s attention. I told you I wanted to be a pre-release tester! :wink: Cheers! :+1:


Sounds like the issue I logged the other day? Somebody else has commented on there saying they are getting the same thing. At least it’s not just me then :slight_smile: