Transactions Missing in Spending Tab


If I have to pay a bill or pay a friend back then that payment is shown in the pulse as an expense today but is not shown in the spending tab at all, this makes the total months spend very skewed and inaccurate as it doesn’t include all my bills or any times where a friend has paid the restaurant bill or paid for petrol and I’ve sent them a transfer for my share. If I receive a bill for electricity or for tax and I pay it from the app then that also will not be shown in the spending tab. I think this is a huge oversight on Starlings part and should be fixed asap. Payments made from the app should be categorised just like card payments.


I see what you mean @Lukeja it would be useful to have sending money to people countered in our spending tab.


Starling are aware. And this issue applies to any ad-hock payments, even standing orders. I understand the whole “payments” element of the app is receiving some TLC at the moment. Just unsure of the timescales on this.