Transactions icon/title


What happened with Tesco Pay at Pump transactions? Transactions shown as Tesco.
And there is a problem with Ocado… shown - Ocadoretail with no icon…


I’ll feed this into the team and try to get them updated for you.


What is the process to report a transaction with a strange title/ no icon? Assume it’s a report to customer service? Any plans to allow in-app reporting without having to chat to anyone?


A button in-app would be good.

I’ve noticed that Co-op stores have the nice little blue background retro Co-op logo but Co-op petrol stations ‘Co-op group petrol’ have this horrible badly formatted version with a white background.


Thanks !


The nice blue one is their current logo and that was me that got them to use that :slight_smile: if you notice something incorrect then report it to customer service. Unfortunately only some of the staff actually care about using the correct logo and care about it looking good, other members of the starling team don’t have an eye for detail and don’t seem to care at all about messing it up.


From my experience, the Starling team cares very much about the product they’re developing and will respond quickly and personally on individual issues. For my money, this is unfair and I’d say, uncalled for.


I don’t know what issues you’ve had but I literally just chatted and mentioned an icon missing and they changed it within seconds!

I agree though, crowd sourcing this and letting us help would be great.


I’m sorry but it’s true, there’s no consistency, some members of staff use the correct logos and use the correct names of the companies and others use the wrong logos from the previous decade without even checking and also overcropping logos against the companies guidelines, making it look ugly and unprofessional. I am incredibly passionate about design and UX, both are which are vital to creating a quality product and it destroys me when I see that some are going against these rules of quality.


In my experience, most are good. Some aren’t though - Paypal doesn’t have a logo and some logos of local pubs (which have Twitter accounts with a logo) are just what looks like a Google Maps screenshot of the outside of the pub.

That being said, the vast majority are perfectly fine.


@sarah.guha What is the correct way to report missing/incorrect company logos in your transactions list?

Is there an email address or someone who deals with it. You don’t really want to be contacting support/customer services because it’s not a critical issue.

I went to One Stop this morning and noticed there wad no icon for it. It’s a reasonably big chain - owned by Tesco I believe. has their logo, as does their Twitter.

Also went to a Co-op which just came up as ‘Poole Ringwood Road’ no mention of Co-op. So no logo came up.


@pipefish I usually message customer services in the app to let them know there is a missing logo.


Yep. I’ve found CS to be both sharp and helpful whatever the issue.

The alternative would be to use a dedicated thread (this one?) to register anomalies and allow them to picked up routinely by one of guys t’other end.


Ah, I thought it was live chat only when you clicked on customer services (I’ve never done it) - didn’t realise you could send messages.

It seemed a bit much to tie up an operator for it.
I’ll send a message.

A dedicated thread where they get picked up is a good idea though.


I left a message seeking clarity on some unimportant matter or other at around 6.30 on a Sunday morning. Shocked to get a reply (chat) 5 minutes later !!

I suggested she take the rest of the day off, but she wasn’t having any of it :grin:. Quality.


Thanks - we don’t have the ability to report incorrect merchant names or logos in app yet, but we’re working on it. In the meantime it’s fine to send a message via the app to our CS team who pass it on to our team. The honestly don’t mind picking these up for now, and it saves your requests getting lost in these threads. Thanks! (I have sent this one on to the team though).


That’s the wonder of 24/7 support you!