Transactions disappeared


I just logged onto my app (iOS) and swiped up to look at mu transactions only to be met by the attached message. The balance is correct but where have my transactions gone. AND why is it saying I haven’t used my card?
@StarlingSupport FYI the version is 0.47.0, Build 288


@StarlingSupport FYI the version is 0.47.0, Build 288


Have you killled the app and opened again?


@Brian sure did! even restarted the phone.


0.48 was out today could you update?


Hi @Brad_T!

If you could please update the app and check again. The app update may not be available to everyone just yet, but you will see it soon :smiley:


I don’t understand @LoganAllan. Why don’t need an app update to display transactions that were showing just a few days ago on the current version? This app behaviour is really concerning.


Has this been resolved?


I had this bug a few weeks back, @Brad_T and it turned out to be something to do with displaying the time in a 12-hour format on my phone, randomly. This bug should be fixed by now, but here’s the link to the discussion, just in case:


Thanks @Tim_D. I only ever use 24-hour format on my phone so that wouldn’t come into play here. In my case there were no transactions showing AT ALL, not just the latest ones.


@Joe_Merriman I was able to delete and reinstall the latest version that finally was available in the app store this morning for me. I can confirm that the error has been resolved.
I remain confused though about what the error was in the first place. Hopefully the coders at Starling are aware and it won’t happen again.


Hi Brad - are you currently connect to the same WiFi network as you were before, still without a SIM in your phone?


@LoganAllan the error persisted last night even with the sim re-inserted (and app reinstalled with the old version) on either mobile data or wifi.


Thank you for confirming that - it seems the issue was resolved with having the app updated but I will still pass on the details for our team to look into. Can you tell me what device you’re on?


it was occurring on both my iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 (both with latest iOS)


Perfect, thank you.