Transaction Type Logo


I know Starling show the transaction type (contactless, etc.) in the details but it would be useful to have a little logo/icon next to the transaction name in the list.

For example, a contactless transaction would have the contactless logo next to it, chip and PIN the card logo, etc.


I like the idea of this


Thanks - I’ll pass this idea back to the team. It sounds good! :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh yes! Simple and useful. :smiley:


I like this idea of this too!


Yup, excellent idea.
Curious the more advanced we get the more we move away from text and go back to pictograms. The Egyptians were onto something :joy:


I’m interested in why this is useful to see in the transaction list view? What is it about contactless transactions that you feel they need to stand out as contactless? Our hypothesis is that to triangulate and understand the transactions in your feed that the merchant, the amount, the date and the time and the primary details you require. The Map and transaction type we consider secondary and so felt being a click away was ok.

But I am keen to know if you use the app differently?

Some things to consider:
If we add contactless, you might say we should also show different icons for online, chip&pin, Apple Pay etc in order to be consistent.

The design challenge we then have is the amount of space available on the transaction list view, as soon as you add additional icons or information the screen becomes cluttered and potentially a lot less easy to scan and digest the information.

By their nature icons also need to be very easy to identify - when then are very small this can make it more effort for the customer to see and identify.


For what it’s worth, my card usage, since joining Starling, has become increasingly contactles, only varying when the merchant doesn’t accept it.

On that basis, being informed in the transaction screen that a particular event was contactless is becoming increasingly redundant. I’d much rather have such info as where and what I spent my cash on.

If it is deemed important to register the nature of the transaction, perhaps we could enrich the statement instead. That way anyone wishing to analyse their spending in this manner could export it in the time-honoured manner. Just a thought…


Some people like simplicity, whilst others like as much info and statistical stuff to be displayed as possible. The whole ‘fitbit bit of banks’ (don’t know who said that, but it’s something I’ve seen around relating to the new app banks) is what I’m hoping for.

I want to have as much information as possible, I love the graphs and charts, etc and want as much of that as we can get. I like the idea of an icon which indicates whether it was Chip and PIN, contactless, Android pay, Apple pay or online.

Maybe theres no need to differentiate between Chip and PIN and contactless though? You’d just need an icon to say that you physically presented your card in some way?

Maybe just a card icon for both contactless and Chip and PIN, a phone icon for Android/Apple Pay and an online icon for online purchaes?

These could be simplified and would be uncomplicated to display on phones with different resolutions? - a card could be basically a little horizontal rectangle with an off centred dot for the chip, the phone pretty much the same but vertical with the dot at the bottom for the home button and the online maybe an at sign (or is that too 90’s?).


A number of reasons. A small SVG icon won’t take up a lot of room on an item row.
rounded rectangle with a black “chip”, rounded rectangle with a black magstripe, apple logo, android logo, and a dot with three ))) above for contactless. DD for direct debit etc.
Only one shown per transaction so I can’t see it being too cluttered.

I’ve had a card read at a substantial distance for a contactless payment and subsequently charged via chip and pin. Whether or not it was an honest mistake by the merchant or intentional I can’t say, but it took me calling my bank to determine that one of the charges was contactless and I had unknowingly been charged twice.


I like the idea but I prefer an uncluttered screen. Having different icons for different things would just make the app look too busy. You would need icons for international payments, bacs, fastpay, dd, standing orders, chip and pin, contactless, cheque deposit, cash deposit, and so on.

If you only had select icons, then some items wouldn’t have icons, which could get more confusing. You would be wondering what that transaction was.

I like the idea of a simple banking app that does everything it needs to, and individual icons, isn’t really important, when a simple click on a transaction tells you what it was.


If I’m understanding what @sarah.guha is saying here then you can access the type via clicking on a transaction already… (Sorry I can’t check as my card hasn’t arrive just yet!) in which case I think that is enough isn’t it? It resolves @Gareth_Wright’s issue as he can do a quick check by clicking on the transactions when he suspects it’s wrong but normal use doesn’t have all the clutter. :blush:


I like the idea but now you’ve asked I can’t really justify it other than “it would be cool”!

I get what you say about balancing function and clutter and I don’t think I’ll cry if this isn’t implemented.


I like to see as much information as possible but I also like pretty and tidy apps!

I think icons would be nice but their not essential.

A balance needs to be achieved.


This is EXACTLY what I thought when I read @sarah.guha’s reply… :smirk: