Transaction timestamp on transaction feed items


Hi there, Quick feedback question…We currently show on our transaction feed the merchant name, the amount you spent and the timestamp for the transaction. How useful is the timestamp to you on the feed level if it available on the detail screen?


Personally, I don’t look at the timestamp on the transaction feed much. Being that they are grouped by date, and in descending time order, this is good enough for me.


I would be happy for it to be removed from the feed.

As long as it’s available somewhere.


Same here


Yep, agreed.


Depends what you will be adding instead of TS or how will the layout change. Personally I am in favour of having it there instead of another extra tap away.


I don’t look at the timestamp


Possibly Notes on transactions…

If you were to add a note to transaction, would you need it on the feed as well as the transaction detail screen?

I find a note useful to explain a one off transaction in my feed. For example I purchased Virgin Train tickets for my parents and I and so I’d add a note to explain that the cost was over £300 because it was for all three of us, not just me. I might also add that it was a weekend in Newcastle so I know what it was for.


I think i would probably be fine in the Transaction Detail screen so as not to clutter up the Feed because the note could be rather long and might not fit anyway.

Maybe have an icon on the item in the feed to how that it has at least got a note (paperclip, post-it style icon, etc) rather than the full note.

Would be good that if/when search is implemented that notes are included in the search.

To reply to the earlier question, I think as long as they still appear in chronological order within the day then having the actual time isn’t a big deal and might free up some valuable on-screen space!


Actually not a bad idea and I think there is enough space for a very brief note in details note could be displayed entirely if it’s too long to fit on transections


I would prefer the note to only appear on the transaction detail screen.


Same here :grinning:


I would find my account balance after the transaction more useful since you don’t give customers any details on historical balances .


I would prefer notes on the transaction screen. I don’t use time stamp to be honest.


Same as above


Having a Time Stamp somewhere is important, for example a few years ago I noticed a payment go out of my account, at gone 2.30 am if it wasn’t for the time of that transaction I may not have queried it and lost £68. I would just assume its some yearly payment as the name was actually close to something else.

Another example if you use your card and know you are home by 3 am and see card transactions at 4 am you will query them, but might not if you don’t see the time.

I’ve lost my card on a night out, seeing the times of transactions meant I could be certain they was mine and not someone who had my card.


Those are good reasons, I did not think of this, I totally agree with you
(Not that I’m out at 3 am!)


Absolutely we won’t remove the timestamp, just show it on the detail screen potentially.


I would like to be able to make notes to see on the transaction screen.

Are notes likely to be happening soon?

For me personally the biggest reason I would like to be able to attach notes to transactions is online shopping. Particularly eBay where the merchants name can often be completely irrelevant to what you purchased. If you’ve bought something from MonkeyDancing2012 Ltd it would be nice to be able to attach a note saying, “square egg maker” to refer to later.


This is something a lot of us want and I am confident Starling will deliver it. Goals is the next big thing :slight_smile: