Transaction Reporting Improvements


Please let us know your feedback and suggestions to improve this feature, we know there are some things we’d like to improve… so please add them here so we have your ideas as well. Thanks Sarah.

Logo Updates have stopped
Correct the Facebook example for logo improvements (Android)
More transaction details
Android Release 0.31.0
Merchant Corrections

Ability to upload logo ?
Not sure about security …


Couple suggestions:

  • in the twitter/facebook handle fields, strip any end whitespace at your end instead of raising an error.
  • Add support for location: online. No need to see a map of Amsterdam every time I use Uber.


Can’t do reporting on incomes, only outgoings from the account.

Accidentally got this renamed as an Inn when it is in fact West Midlands Railway BACS refund - sorry! But as a result noticed there isn’t any dots for fixing income, out outgoing transactions.

Any reason for that?


When i pay my credit card bill, the transaction does not show up on the spending page.
This is spending surely???.


Did you pay by Faster payment? We are working on adding Faster payments to spending insights.


Hi Mike, Can you log this via CS so we can get your transaction ID and correct this one for you. Incoming transactions are a bit trickier for you to fix as these will typically have the details of the bank account that is sending the payment and so we wouldn’t want to change those details. This case looks to be quite a unique one where a merchant you have made a card transaction too has actually processed a direct credit to you, rather than a refund via your card.


Perhaps Goals could be one transaction when they occur with a breakdown when you tap in…for instance on a Friday I have a daily one and a weekly one both go in…just one line would do on the main screen.


I set it up on the payments page. 1 to my credit card and 1 to my Lloyd’s account and sent £10 to each to make sure i had the right details, both went through okay, only they don’t show on the spending page.


Ok yes that sounds like a Faster Payment, sorry we don’t yet include it but we are working on that.


Just checked my Lloyd’s account and it was logged as FPI “Faster Payment Incoming”


Sure thing @sarah.guha


I’m sure this has been asked before, but once a merchant has been marked as a specific type of spend, can all future ones be marked that as well? Constantly moving the same stuff from general to its rightful bucket.


On “Improve name and location” page …

The map always starts where I currently am. Much better to start from the original location. (Can always jump to where I currently am using the cross-hair on the map.)

It would also be useful to be able to toggle satellite view on the map.

If using search, it should start with the name of the merchant in the search input.

Buttons are not presented to select levels of buildings (station/mall/etc) - perhaps not available on embedded google map?


I would like to see number of transactions, total spend and average spend. It would be useful if it could be a user parameter as to what month the total spend should be calculated from.

Also maybe also a calendar showing what says the retailer was visited (useful for tracking my McDonald’s breakfast visits :wink:)


Lloyd’s is the insurance company, do you mean Lloyds’ account?


yes i meant my Lloyds current account.


@sarah.guha Great update, however…
There are many online merchants, and I think it would make a lot more sense if the options were to “Improve the name and logo”, and “Submit a location improvement” as merchants without a location don’t seem to show up in the search results.


When submitting a logo improvement suggestion, an error message appears when I enter the Facebook URL, even though I’m following the Starling examples perfectly:


Currently, the Facebook example is: but to successfully submit an improvement, the app will only accept the username (after the forward slash); therefore, the example should simply be starlingbank to avoid confusion.

Using Android.


To be honest the app should just be using a regular expression to accept a wide range of inputs. All the following should be accepted:

I’ve made a basic one at but there are some bugs regarding the last slash and I’m too lazy to debug it. :joy: I’ll let the Starling developers figure this one out. :+1:t2: