Transaction list view feedback


I just thought I’d post a couple of ways to improve the transaction list view that I would find useful.

  1. Display the foreign currency amount alongside/below the GBP amount for foreign transactions. The display could be deemphasised in a smaller font with lower contrast to not clutter the view too much.

  2. Display a running balance total on the daily summary line. Currently it shows the daily spend but it would be useful if this also had the balance.

Thanks :slight_smile:


This is something many have asked for already. It’s something that’s preventing my wife switching to Starling. She’s ready to switch as soon as (if) this ever gets implemented.


A running balance in transaction list is something I think many have asked for, but it falls on deaf ears.

As for the foreign currency amount being displayed always good to see what you are spending without having to wonder about it.


I think that the transaction list should be amalgamated with the Spending view, so that you can switch between a list of individual transactions, then by merchant and category. It doesn’t really make sense to me that these are separate at the moment.