Transaction list randomly jumps after returning



When I open the transaction list, scroll down, tap a transaction then tap the back button, it returns to the transaction list but seems to randomly jump up the transaction list by a different amount next time.

It’s pretty annoying when looking through multiple transactions, as you keep losing your place in the list.

(Also, a similarly annoying thing happens on the Spending tab, scroll down, tap a Category or Merchant, tap Close and it jumps right back to the top of the list.)

iOS, iPhone X


I can confirm that it doesn’t exhibit this behaviour on Android.


it’s worse. we have a green button.


Thanks @jcwacky - I thought it was just me, or that it had always been there - so at least I’m not going mad. Unsure when this random jumping about started though… whether it’s related to the Starling app or the latest iOS released a couple of weeks ago…?

After inspecting a historical transaction, mine tends to always jump to the very latest transaction at the top of the list. Yeah, annoying.

On the spending tab however, it does seem to jump almost to the top, but not quite.

iOS v11.4, iPhone SE, app v0.51.0


Same here. Very annoying…
Issues started after iOS 11.4 update…


I am able to reproduce. iOS 11.4. iPhone 8 Plus. Latest Starling App. @StarlingSupport please take a look into this :slight_smile:


I’m able to replicate the issue on the transaction feed but not under Spending Insights.

I will raise it with the iOS magicians :+1:t3:


Fixed in the latest release. No more jumping around :slightly_smiling_face: