Transaction List for Goals


I’m not sure how many there are of us out there who use goals as a savings account until Starling offers multiple accounts but… I was wondering if a transaction list within goals would be helpful, rather than sifting through a list of multiple card transactions to pick up the transfer from a goal to your main account you could just select each goal and see exactly what has been transferred in and out.

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I doubt that starling are looking to offer multiple account anytime soon if at all(perhaps some form of joint, maybe). Agree that your suggestion for a transaction list specifically for each goal could be useful rather than shifting through the main, currently unsearchable, transaction list


+1 for this.


It would be particularly useful if/when transactions can be assigned to goals. At the moment, there’s only money coming in or going out from the main account.


The problem with this request, however desirable, is that no money actually ‘moves’ anywhere. You’ll see this from your monthly statement as contributions to/from your Goals are imperceptible because no money actually moves anywhere.

So at best it could just be a filter on your transaction feed, which (at present) the app is unable to support.


Rob, as far as I understand it this is what’s being worked on at the moment with regards to being able to allocate a goal to be used for Direct Debits…


You’re quite right @Henry_Lee, the team are working on a way to allow direct debits to be paid from a nominated Goal. But these transactions will still be paid out of your current account (because thay’s the only account you have) and thus will appear as such on your monthly statement.

Goals aren’t separate accounts, they’re just virtual names to which you can assign money.


Agreed, that would be really useful


Agreed Rob, although if Direct Debits are to be paid from a goal then I imagine that goal would have it’s own transaction list to show these payments. I also understand that Monthly Statements are a different thing to transaction logs and will/should not always match up.


The other option is on your statement or recent transactions have an indicator that tells you if the money was taken from a “goal”. Therefore have a unified statement ?


Great shout - I just came on the forum to ask this very question, a transaction list under each goal showing the date and how much was entered into/out of each goal would be extremely helpful for tracking and monitoring purposes.

@JamesPratley has there been any indication that this might become a feature?


Not yet - but it’s a nice suggestion. We’ll keep this in mind! :slight_smile:


+1 Need this to check money has gone in every month and I haven’t skipped any