Transaction list daily totals


Just a thought but I would find it quite good to have a daily net spend in the transaction list (ignoring any movements in and out of goals although I guess that could be an option). Something like the attached! Thoughts anyone?


It does exactly that on Android!


That’s interesting - not on iOS! Given they’ve mentioned about bringing feature parity across platforms hopefully it will be on iOS soon!!


I was just about to say the same! How frustrating that you don’t get that on iOS. Such a simple addition, too!


This was raised many months ago but still nothing implemented in iOS…


Hi Henry, sorry about that. We actually implemented it on iOS as well but we had a severe performance regression and by the time I managed to fix it was already too late and the build shipped without it. Let me see what I can do.


Does this mean it will be coming in the next release?


No promises. But It will get our attention and if all is good it might.


No worries, thanks for the update Kris.


Would be great to see it on iOS soon :crossed_fingers:


Yes be good to see on iOS and thanks for update.


Come on @Kris , be a bit more committed! :slightly_frowning_face:


If it’s already written and any performance issues fixed why wouldn’t it go into the next build?


Daily totals by popular demand :hugs:


Nice one @Kris you said you would see what you can do, and boom you delivered!


I would love the option to choose between seeing total income/spend to main account or being able to ignore transfers in/out of goals. Eg - I have a ‘bills’ goal and when a bill comes out my main account I transfer that amount from my bills goal to the main pot (theory being that on pay day I transfer every expected spend amount into various goals leaving behind my expendable income). So if I had a bill of say £20 then my transaction feed would have one debit of £20 (out to the payee) and one credit of £20 from my bills goal. My actual daily spend would be £20 but the feed would tell me it’s £0. Any chance this could be looked at @Kris


The daily spend totals are net, so £300 value of spend tranactions, with a £300 income receipt, the spending total is showing £0.00. Surely daily spend and daily income totals would be better. As it stands, the Customer still has to do manual calculations to get a spending total.