Transaction list - Daily balance


When using the transaction list on the home screen it would be great if the balance at the end of each day was added to the bottom of each day’s list of transacations so you could quickly see previous days total spend…

Daily balance
Running balance on home screen

Hey! Thanks for the suggestion. This is now on Android and should be coming to iOS soon! :blush:


Everything seems to be happening so quickly, James. How exciting is this??? :smiley:


So exciting! :see_no_evil:


Hi James - can’t see this on Android - I’ve just got current balance at the top and list of spends by day… (store shows no available update).


In the transaction list you should be able to see the total in/out of the day in the grey column above each day’s spending. Slightly complicated to explain, does that make sense? :blush:


Yes - can see total for day in grey column above each day’s transactions but not the end day balance as per OP’s request…


My apologies! I see there’s two parts to this which I overlooked. Out of interest, would you rather see your balance for each day or your total spend?


Having re-read the original post though, isn’t showing the daily spend what he wanted? The end of day balance isn’t actually much use as you’d have to calculate what the spend was?

Showing the daily spend and the current balance (i.e. how the Android app behaves now) is the best of both worlds?


I think it was the balance he was after.
@James: I think both total spend + resulting balance by day would be good, but then it may all be a little overcrowded…

Daily spend total

I was looking to see the balance as at the end of each day as the transaction list doesn’t really have any context without it - i.e. how has each days spending affecting my overall balance?

Looking at this when in the transaction list ‘Your Balence’ amount could be updated as it was at each day as you scroll back in time…


Yes - perhaps a touch on each grey date line could highlight that date line and show the balance as at close of play on that date at the top. The default on opening the transaction list would still be ‘Your Balance’ as at right now at the top.


The Nationwide banking app shows the current balance next to every transaction. Perhaps this is a way of displaying the information clearly, while retaining the current display of daily total spend in the grey bar? There’s plenty of space below the transaction value to show this?


It’s the same on Halifax. I didn’t realise how important having that was until I realised it doesn’t exist on Starling. It’s very hard to budget without it.


I currently bank with Halifax and can see my balance after each transaction.
For me that’s quite important to see that information and a must from any banking app.


This is what I would hope to see, the balance after every transaction. I.e. an additional column showing the running balance.


I think there might be two issues with including your running balance in the transactions feed, even though I would find it useful too:

  • There’s limited width on the screen real-estate to include a third column, and including it would make things look messy. Potentially however, a third column could be provided if you turn your device sideways (landscape)

  • More problematic is that the feed includes both settled and unsettled transactions. The feed is a fluid list of transactions - you can’t reconcile against your feed because it changes. For example, foreign transactions often settle at a different amount from when they’re originally presented. Transactions that are authorised but subsequently reversed (or just expire) vanish upsetting all balances. Your monthly statement excludes these little ‘wobbles’ that occur during the month.


Looking at the screen again, I agree, having another column would squash everything too much. I think I saw a previous suggestion about having an end of day balance. So by increasing the depth of the grey date banner the end of day balance could be included in there.

To your other point, I don’t think this is an issue. The running balance would just be a calculation of all the movement that went before it whether that was settled or unsettled. If that changes later then the balance at the end of that day would be updated. I have zero experience of coding, but I assume it would be no different that putting a formula in excel, so one of the transaction values changing would auto update all other figures that rely on it.


The Halifax app does a really good job of this. I can’t screenshot as their app disables screenshots when running.

Each transaction is on 2 lines. Top line is date on left and account balance after the transaction on the right. The second line is transaction detail, e.g. Retailer name, and amount on the right.

The top of the transaction list has a pending transactions bit you can expand. It shows details of all pending payments and a total of the pending amount.

The top of the page shows account balance and available balance, the latter being the former minus the pending amount total.

I personally would love to see the balance after each transaction when looking at my account, without having to download statements.


What about a swipe left to reveal the column?