Transaction Feed


I’m seeing some odd behaviour with duplicate transactions appearing for a few seconds and then disappearing (iOS).

I’ll attempt to replicate and record my screen. I’ll log with CS later tonight.

I’m seeing this on WiFi and 4G


I am having the same problem (iOS). It’s been happening for a few days.


Same @Ben


Thanks for letting us know guys @Joe_Merriman @Ben - I have just replicated, and will raise a bug.

Enjoy your evenings!


Thanks :slight_smile:


Nice one, I’ll enjoy my Nando’s now :yum: :hamburger:


This returned again this evening @Patrick I will monitor and let you know if I continue to see it.


Thanks Joe.


What’s going on with the spending tab and transaction feed? Not updating in spending tab and logos and locations have disappeared? @sarah.guha


Hi Joe, Can you be more specific about the transaction feed? It’s updating for me here, although we have made an update for the next release to ensure the balance refreshes in realtime.

On the spending tab, I can see that some of the payee photos are not showing. I’ll flag this to the team.


Hi Sarah,

The two transactions I made this morning are showing in the transaction feed without images or locations and unable to click on “improve”

The transactions are also not showing in the “spending tab”

Hope this helps :smile:


I have noticed that a couple of transactions have no category and no facility to categorise the transaction.


Thanks both, this sounds like a :bug: we are aware of and fixing.


Thanks Sarah. Finding bugs is good :slight_smile: I have an :eagle: :eye:


Hi Sarah, FYI, I’ve made a transaction this evening and it’s displayed in transaction feed and spending as expected. It’s just the two from earlier.


This is causing quite a bit of mayhem with the Spending tab as well:

I reported the logo/categorisation thing well over a week ago with CS and haven’t heard a peep since. Also no logo for Starling Bank either, tut tut!

Let’s not even discuss the fact that the categorisations are completely wrong…


Hi @sarah.guha any idea why my two transactions are odd looking? And the Renault one I cannot see a location or submit an improvement?


Hey @Joe_Merriman as Sarah mentioned above, this a bug we are aware of and fixing. Hang in there, fix coming soon!


Thanks @patrick just wanted to be sure you knew what I meant :slight_smile:


Hi @LoganAllan @Callum

Are there performance issues the transaction feed loading? When I get home later I’ll report back once I’m on WiFi. My 4G speed is currently just under 60 Mbps.