Transaction Email Notifications


Would anyone else like to see emailed notifications introduced? And how easy/difficult would that be?

I have been using Curve for the past few months and really appreciate the option to have transactions emailed to me. I’m now back with Starling and really missing this feature.

I find them more useful than the instant notifications as I tend to just swipe those away (I’m usually still at the till or just leaving the shop as they come through), but with the emailed transaction I find I can file/reconcile this more easily (and in less haste) when I have time at home later that night/next day to deal with it.

What’s the consensus on this? Useful to anyone else?


I like the instant notification, I don’t want any more emails!


I get too many emails already, more emails would just annoy me. I would rather have notifications saved in the app, so I can then check them out later when I have the time.


Personally I would rather not receive communication from my bank via email. I much prefer everything to be handled in app, all suggestions are welcome though :slight_smile:


Looks like it’s just me so far! :flushed:

Should possibly have included in the OP, the option (by means of toggle on/off, the same as Curve), to have emailed notifications!


If it can be implemented and the option to toggle on/off is there and people want it, then I don’t see no problem. Choice is great after all.


One thing to remember - email won’t likely be encrypted so there’s risk of others seeing your spending habits and being able to socially engineer/exploit based on that data… I’m happy with having the instant notifications in-app as they feel more secure to me.


That would be easy to implement but I’m not sure what’s the advantage of it compared to just opening the app and seeing the transactions there.

And then again, most people get way too much email anyway. I personally work hard to keep my inbox tidy and only get human communications in there (apps can use push notifications) so I would definitely be against that.


I often use for quick purchased, but then also track my expenses etc, some of these are work and reimbursable, some our personal. I still track them all - Would love to get an option to email me my transactions that day, with the ability to select some for sending on to claim back on expenses.


Think would be a good idea but needs to have option to turn on/off as per user needs.


Like on curve?


not tried, will have a go - trying to reduce the cards, not increase!


Used properly, Curve is proving to be an elegant and flexible solution. And it really tidies up the multi card thing. I’m converted.