Transaction didnt show


I had a transaction which which didnt update for four days.

Whilst this seems to be an exception and it was for a fairly small amount I dont like that it didnt update in anyway at all for the full four days. Basically the balance was just incorrect until it finally hit the app.


Offline transactions will not show within the app (and will not be reflected in the account balance) until the transaction is presented to Starling normally a couple of days later (4 days in your case). Nothing Starling can do :frowning:


sometimes businesses don’t check for account balance when you make a payment until a few days after there’s no way to tell which business does this but this is normal practice that’s why to always make sure you have available funds to cover anyhting that hasn’t come out of your ACC the same day


This won’t help you but I used to bank with Yorkshire bank and they would take the money from the account when a POS went through. If the retailer didn’t claim that within 2 working days the money was credited back into the account. This caused confusion and a complaint to FOS but found in favour of bank - standard practice apparently, not that I’ve had it at others.


@Drew58 you’re talking about ring fencing… i.e. When an online transaction is made, the bank will ‘ring fence’ the funds for the merchant to claim a couple of days later. If they do not claim the money, the funds is released and can be used again.

The transaction @Lee-am made was an offline transaction, where the bank has no knowledge of the transaction being made until the merchant claims the money.


Blockquote Offline transactions will not show within the app (and will not be reflected in the account balance) until the transaction is presented to Starling normally a couple of days later (4 days in your case). Nothing Starling can do :frowning:

Yeah i dont know if thats the case. If it had gone through my legacy bank i think it would have shown within 24 hours off the available balance. I also used Monzo the same place and it worked instantly :no_mouth:


The merchant can choose if the transaction is online or offline depending on a number of factors. In the case of Monzo, as it is a prepaid card, it is nearly always going to be an online transaction meaning it will show within the app within seconds (which is why offline places such as pay-at-pumps, trains etc have a hard time accepting the card).

That would depend on when the card network (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx etc) presented the transaction to the bank.


@walderston sorry if I confused things. Thought they were same thing obviously not. The offline thing I suppose is quite annoying and has caught me out before. Is not an offline a full off line where they don’t even test your card like at some pay at pump?


@Drew58 there is 2 types of transactions… online and offline transactions. Some pay at pumps will make an online traction of £1 (or another amount) to check the account is active. It will then make an offline transaction for the actual amount a couple of days later.


Where possible i feel starling should force online payments to avoid this. This wasn’t in a pay pump petrol station, aircraft or train.

It was a chain on the ground in one of the most connected places in the UK. Incidentally on the same day i used my legacy card on a plane and that did present quicker then the starling transaction on the ground.

See 3 second sandwich

Starling must have checked somewhere along the line - what happens if i’d have reported my card stolen - would it still have been allowed?

My current bank processes the same transactions offline - it still usually reports them from the available balance more or less right away via pending transactions.
It even usually shows pay at pump ones as a £1 so you can at least remember there’s £50 coming off in the next few days.

Bottom line is i dont care what the payment type counts as - i care about the balance of my account being accurate and up to date (if i didnt why wouldn’t i be using RBS, HSBC, LLoyds, Barclays etc). Four days with zero notification is an absolute fail.

@sarah.gilbert - hey Sarah can you shed any light and what should be happening and if you can avoid this.


@lee-am That’s exactly what Starling does - where possible we will always force a transaction online. This is something we adjusted in our early days of internal beta, and it has improved the real-time appearance of transactions in your feed and notifications.

We also display transactions which are pending to you within the app, and on the transaction detail screen it explains that the final value of this transaction might still change as the transaction has been authorised but not yet presented. On your home screen of the app we display Available balance, which does already have the pending transaction subtracted from it, although as the value can change either up or down your balance might too. In these cases where you see a pending transaction an initial authorisation has been processed online, so we know about it.

This is how pay-at-pump transactions work, using Starling you will see the £1 transaction, and then the later the full value of your purchase. In this case we do receive a pre-authorisation so we can notify you of the transaction when we receive and let you know it is pending.

There will of course always be merchants who process transactions offline - TFL and Airlines being the obvious examples, but other retailers on-the-ground do also process transactions offline. When a pre-authorisation is handled on our behalf because the transaction is offline, we are only notified of the transaction when the presentment is processed a day or so later which is when we notify you and show it on your account.


I think you’ll find that even the most connected of places, and where payments are fast and frequent, then the retailer can set a floor limit, of how much they are willing to accept without going to get bank authorisation, and they will then batch up the polling files and usually send on a sunday night to their acquirer, obviously with Monzo and other Fully Online cards, this will over ride the EPOS settings and will go direct for Authorisation.


Hi !

By EPOS you mean the POS or the Payment Terminal ?


EPOS is the card terminal in a small retailer, or in the case of a larger retailer it is the computer systems that their multiple terminals are connected to (as in a large store with dozens of terminals a central hub connects with the card network not each individual machine)