Transaction details - account names and more


I’ve been using Starling to distribute money to e.g. savings accounts, investment accounts etc.
Unfortunately, I first trialled this another subset of accounts on Monzo, which has left me somewhat spoilt…

To do this on Starling, I added various accounts under the payee “Me” - a nice feature.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that the consequence on the transaction list is that I have a lot of payments all to “Me” - the account name is not used for the transaction name or even provided in the transaction details (only the Reference and the account number/sort code). I can’t remember all the account numbers and some references are just alphanumerical strings.

This is unhelpful - and inconsistent, as e.g. standing orders do show the specific account name for whatever payee.

I’m also really quite surprised to realise (belatedly, I know) that:

  1. There is no search facility in the transaction list. I have to download the full statement and search, which seems… well, weird
  2. There’s no way of seeing all transactions to X payee (Monzo has a little summary you can access from each transaction).

Is there no way to hide Goals transactions from the list either?
I would much rather be able to toggle this and see all the transactions in the Goal itself, but it turns out there’s no way of seeing just the Goal transactions either…

It seems to me that the design has got as far as was needed for a prepaid card you use for your shopping with SOs and DDs tagged on and hasn’t progressed to what you’d need for a current account.

I’m having to export statements just to keep track of what I’m spending.


As an example, Revolut lets you ‘hide’ transactions from your feed.

Some sort of ‘selection mode’ would be great, where you could select lots of transactions to be added to a specific category or excluded from the feed quickly in the app.

Probably wasting my breath though - maybe some of these things are in the pipeline already(?) :slight_smile: