Transaction /balance


HI, first off i’ve had my account with starling now for a year and i love everything about it however when you have a complex query chat just doesn’t work especially with delays of 20/30minutes between questions/answers. also this is nothing against the advisor i was chatting with.

last night before i went to sleep i moved all money into goals so i could see where i was uptown after returning from holiday etc
I woke up this morning to a reversal of £225.30 from a company i used on holiday, yay i thought I’m richer, checked my account and I’m in a negative balance of £64ish
I spoke to CS who after a while came back and said it was due to a hotel transaction on Saturday for £326.49 reversing and them then taking £289.79.
this does explain the amount I’m negative by (£289 - £225) however i can’t get my head around it if the original hotel amount was reversed and then they took less

they way I’m looking at it is:
Sat morning balance was 326.49, hotel takes that amount balance now zero
Sunday they reverse that amount and then take correct amount of 289.79, this leaves me with a balance of £36.70
Monday night i move this £36.70 to a goal leaving me with zero balance.
Tuesday morning a reversal of £225.30 so i should have £225.30 in my account not a negative balance.

am i being stupid here


Hopefully @LoganAllan can take a look at this for you!

I don’t know if the delay between the transaction being processed, and the final exchange rate being locked in (which can take 5 days), would have any bearing on this?

Anyway, Logan is your man!


We’ll be happy to take a look into this for you, will follow up with a message and arrange a call to review the amounts. Happy to help.


I agree with you on the logic there, we’ll definitely look into that for you. Oliver is your man for helping look into the specifics of your account and getting a message sent to you personally to explain the breakdown of the transactions and balances, so you’re in good hands :+1: just wanted to jump in to also apologise for the delays in your CS chat causing inconveniences though - I’ll pass your message onto the team! We’re working to improve processes there to make sure those chats are handled more smoothly, so know that we’re working on it! Thanks for your patience on that at the moment.


@Megan_Caywood it wasn’t a delay in getting in contact i think it was just the difficulty in finding the answer, @Oliver_Wright has already reached out and is looking into it. thanks


Ahh okay, thanks for clarifying. Glad Oliver is helping you with it now!