Tracking with Settle Up


Hey all,

I did try to find if something similar had been suggested before, but nothing came up on search.

Settle Up is great. It’s intuitive and easy. However, I think it would be very beneficial to Starling users if Settle Up requests could be tracked via the app to see which requests have been paid.

This would work by including a ‘deadline’ to settle up requests or a ‘settle by’ criteria of 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, etc.

A push notification could be notify the user if a deadline passes and the request link has not been used to send funds, or if the amount sent is less or more than requested.

Additionally, though it turn out to be more complicated, this could be boosted with an ‘enhanced’ contact section - allowing users to assign mobile numbers or email addresses to payees, thus allowing the app to do all the chasing up for you!

Could help with keeping track of all those Nando’s payments! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please help me keep track of Settle Up requests

I prefer to :confused:
I know it’s the same but the name is just too long.


with the address it reassuring it at the bank, the other shorter address you propose may look to some like a phishing domain


That didn’t stop or though (although I guess Paypal can get a pass since it’s well known)


@sarah.guha just curious on the name change or was it always going to be called “Settle Up”?


I’d be very keen for this feature! I’m brand new to Starling and looking forward to starting to use it properly.

Myself and my other half often find each other picking up the full bill and splitting things later down the line, usually at the end of the week. Personally I’d find it really beneficial to be able to see when these Settle Up requests have been partially or wholly fulfilled!


Thanks all for your ideas, we did explore notification in app when a settle up request has been sent and a record of the ones you have sent yourself but we decided to keep it simple and straight forward at this stage. It’s this discipline to limit scope that allows us to define, build and release a new feature to you in a matter of weeks or months. We constantly have to resist the desire to build every feature out into what could in all honesty be a separate app and product of it’s own.

That said we do also like to improve features over time and so where we can enhance the feature we will. When you receive a Settle Up payment you already receive a push notification to inform you, and the transaction details highlight it as a Settle Up payment. You’ll soon be able to quickly send a thanks back to the person who paid you from within the app, and we’ll be adding functionality allow you to pay other Starling customers more easily too.

So there is more coming on Settle Up, but you’ll see improvements incrementally.


Please help me keep track of Settle Up requests

Can the app please help me keep track of Settle Up requests.

I’ve raised a Settle Up request and sent it to a friend. They haven’t paid yet.
In fact I’ve raised a few requests to various friends. Some have paid and some haven’t.
So I’ve got a list on a scrappy bit of paper of who has paid and who hasn’t. And I have to keep remembering who to chase.

When I raise a Settle Up request, could the app please:

a) keep track of it somewhere so I remember who owes me & who has / hasn’t paid yet
b) if they pay me and the app can recognise that it was payment for this request then automatically archive or close it
c) allow me to close it manually (eg if they send me money but the app can’t recognise it, or of they give me cash in person)
d) allow me to send a reminder without generating a new request.

These features would make Settle Up really use friendly.


Also, push it to the starling g app without a link for fellow starling users :slight_smile:

I’ve sued settle up 3 times this week. It’s quite good.


Excellent suggestions @jaclong, I’d find all of those really useful!


Really good suggestion.


I actually haven’t used settle up, but if I did, I would be using it for a holiday etc, so would want to be able to track requests and who’s paid, so it’s a good idea.


i used it for go karting this week - would be amazing to send it to a goal so i didn’t have to keep moving too.


Thanks for the great feedback! I’ve passed it on the team :slightly_smiling_face:


I had this idea a while ago to discover someone else had had this idea even longer ago!

Sarah had provided her take on it, so I would presume that meant Starling are already aware this is something that has been suggested:


And it’s a valid point! Thanks.


Gurus should be merging threads with suggestions such as these.


@JamesPratley please can you merge the threads? Cheers.


Here’s something I’d really like to see added to Settle Up improvements @StarlingSupport

Improved tracking/reporting of who has sent you the money/who you have sent money to. My other half is now starting to use Starling so Settle Up requests are a breeze… When I go to pay her, it displays her profile picture that she has chosen in her app. However once the payment has gone in the transaction list it only shows an icon of the category.


Or do what I do and add a note to remind you that a payment is due, then periodically check by searching the note text.