Tracking Payments in Spending Insights



Not sure if this had been already mentioned, but I noticed that payments like bank transfers to other accounts are not included in the spending statistics. As I pay rent via bank transfer, it would be nice to have this included in the spending breakdown. Would it be planned to be able to categorise some bank transfers as spending in spending in specific categories?


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And accordingly make some incoming bank transfers count against categories?
E.g. if I pay for groceries and my SO sends me half the amount spent, I would like to keep track of what I have really spent of groceries.


I’ve just passed these suggestions on to the product team :sunglasses:


Update: Yes, adding payments to Spending Insights is something which is on the to do list :slight_smile:


+1. The starling app rocks but this seems like an inconsistency. I am hoping this will be fixed soon! Cheers


+1 for insight functionality expansion.

Additional Ideas:

If I’m out with mates and pay the bill then three people transfer me money I want to be able to “attach” those incoming payments to the outgoing payment so the insights are more accurate. Currently it says I spend £130 on “Eating Out”… In reality I have spend about £25!

Also with things like paying to Paypal or a shopping trip. I would like to be able to split up the payment into it’s use for example I buy some clothes, tech and maybe some audio books on Amazon/ebay(paypal) I don’t want “£80 - General” I would like to be able to go in and say: “£30 - Lifestyle, £40 - General, £10 Entertainment” OR at minimum specify the individual payment’s category for transfers and payment like Paypal, Amazon etc… as a different category for that ONE payment than the default for that payment type (Amazon etc…)

Deposits/shared costs shown in Pulse/Spending Insights

+1 for this

We’ve just ordered Nandos at work and I’ve paid for it all on my Starling Card (£55), everyone has transferred me the cost of their meal, however, on my spending insights it now has £55 against ‘Eating Out’ when really it should only be £11.80. Being able to assign payments in to categories would be useful so that my spending insights are accurate, or even better, link the incoming payments to a specific transaction, that way it would also prevent having £55 against ‘Nandos’ merchant.



Is there any update on when payments will be added to Spending Insights?


I’ve noticed that the Spending report is only showing what I’ve spent by card, ApplePay and direct debit. It doesn’t include any standing orders or bank transfers. So far this month, it’s showing me less than half of what I’ve spent. Is there a reason for this and is it easy to fix?


Hi @Robert_Shaw this issue has been raised before back in July so I am not sure why it is taking so long to fix as it is quite annoying. Perhaps the tab could be renamed “Some Spending”.


Thanks. I didn’t realise it had been mentioned before.


I also notice that refunds to my card are included under ‘spending’, also making it look as if I’ve spent less than I have.

I would call them ‘income’. In fact could we not have a separate income tab with a monthly income report?


The more I look into this, the more surprising it seems.

  1. If the purpose of the Spending tab is to help people manage their spending, it is a problem if spending is not being correctly accounted for, which is what’s happening at the moment. Specifically, Standing Orders and bank transfers are not being included. These are a considerable part of my spending. This issue was first raised six months ago and a solution was promised at that time. Where is it, please?

  2. Card refunds are being accounted for in the Spending tab. I understand that some people have asked for payments from friends to be including in the Spending tab. But refunds and payments with friends are income, not expenditure. This is not only confusing. Good practice would be to account for them separately.

I would like to suggest that point 3) below could be a solution to this.

  1. If Starling wants to help people manage their money, which is great for me, then it would be really helpful to have an income tab as well as a spending tab. That would enable me to balance income with expenditure within the Starling app. An income tab would also provide somewhere for card refunds and payments with friends to be accounted for, instead of having to include them under Spending. Please see point 2) above.

Why not develop a separate income tab to run alongside the spending tab?

Or else, why not have a single tab with two sections - one for income and one for expenditure?


This is useful feedback. @JamesPratley, can the team give us an update in the New Year please?


Totally agree @Robert_Shaw the “Spending Tab” is currently fundamentally broken as it doesn’t include scheduled spend. It would be nice to have this fixed ASAP. @JamesPratley please raise this with the team.


Having double and triple checked my spending since last May, I can report that none of the following transactions has been recorded under Spending:

June: 1 bank transfer, 0 standing orders;
July: 4 bank transfers, 1 standing order;
August: 2 bank transfers, 5 standing orders;
September: 4 bank transfers, 4 standing orders;
October: 5 bank transfers, 2 standing orders;
November: 2 bank transfers, 2 standing orders;
December (to date): 6 bank transfers, 2 standing orders.


Someone has just sent me a Customer Service message in reply to this. It says:

“Thank you for getting in touch about your inability to create a direct debit with Atom Bank.” It then goes on about Atom Bank and direct debits.

I don’t have an account with Atom Bank. It follows that I haven’t tried to set up a direct debit with them. This seems like a less than serious effort to address my concern.



Hi @Robert_Shaw,

Sorry for any confusion, I have responded to you in the app.


No problem. Thanks.



It would be great if any transfers out of the account marked with the ‘savings’ category are not included in the spending tab as its money I haven’t spent!