TouchID Bug Crashes iOS App


I’ve discovered a reproducible bug on my phone that completely crashes the app - I have Touch ID enabled.

If after the dialog for Touch ID appears and authenticates my fingerprint I leave my finger on the home button for a few seconds until the app has loaded into the pulse screen then the app will completely freeze and require force quitting.

If I remove my finger from the home button after the authentication but before the pulse loads then all is well. This is very reproducible and happens every time.

iPhone 6 with the latest app and iOS.




I’ve had to disable Touch ID to make the app useable. Without Touch ID everything works fine, but with it the app hangs after authenticating probably 3 out of every 5 launches, which is not really acceptable.

I started my switch from Santander the other day and massive bugs that prevent you from accessing your account like this make me nervous I might regret the switch.



Have you had a response from Customer Services yet?


Hi @Ben_Henderson, I can see we’ve gotten back to you via the app, but please rest assured that the team are going to get this investigated to identify the cause and do what we can to rectify the matter. Let us know if you need any further assistance in the meantime.