Total earnings function


it would be very helpful to have a function to see what you have earned so far in a month in comparison to what you have spent so far in that month, so that it gives you idea what your spendings are in relation to your earnings. and at the end of each month you know exactly what you have left to save or how much you have over spent.



I’m just catching up on some posts which I missed before Christmas!

Agreed - this would definitely be useful. Maybe as an iteration of Spending Insights so you can see it all on one screen?

I’ve added your idea to our internal Trello board! :slight_smile:


Hi James

Thanks for taking my suggestion on board.

In my view, the spending insight needs to show bank transfer transactions
in order for us to clearly see our spendings and earnings.

I am happy with starling so far. Keep up the good work.

Happy new year.


I wholeheartedly agree @jay781 - this is something we’re currently working on. Some changes need to be made on the backend before we can implement this into the app. :slight_smile:



On a similar note, when first setting up the account I was asked my net monthly income and what this was derived from.

I’m not sure how this information will be used but as wages change/increase (ideally) I’d like a way to amend this figure in the future.

Is that something you are working on?

I’m initially using the Starling account to deposit a weekly amount of £100 to budget effectivitely so I stated my net wage was £400 from a weekly salary.

This is not a true reflection of my income so if in the future I have my whole salary paid into the account I would like to be able to amend the information you hold on me.


Absolutely agree Jay, something I have suggested several times on here.


Good questions - I think this is in progress. @sarah.guha may have some further updates on this.