Top-Up less than £50


It would be nice if the lowest amount you could top up using debit card was £5 or £10. I know Monzo had this as well, they did £10 as the minimum.

At the moment its £50 and I know you could do bank transfer but it would be even better if you could do £10 top up as debit card


What’s your reasoning behind it being better? I use RBS as my other bank account and from clicking the app to sending a bank transfer it’s 7 steps. It’s the same number of steps in the starling app to send money via Apple Pay, this would be more if I had to enter the debit card number etc. The advantage for me as a bank transfer is it’s reflected in my RBS account immediately. Using my debit card would take a number of days for me to see it.


The cost of card top ups for Starling is a lot higher for them than bank transfers so it makes sense to use bank transfers where possible and card top ups just occasionally in emergencies. Although there is a percentage cost to Starling for processing card top ups it may be there is also a flat cost charge to them, if so that would be a reason for not wanting lots of small top ups.