Top-up indicator constantly showing


Since yesterday’s iOS update my devices now show the top-up ‘+’ indicator as a permanent fixture on the home along side a healthy positive balance. While I may well be going mad, I seem to remember only getting this when my balance became low…? Now it seems to be there all the time. Is this the new ‘normal’, or has a sneaky bug crept in somewhere?

This happens on my iPhone SE and iPad Pro; iOS 11.1.2, app version 0.39.1


Thinking about it (now you mention it) it has the bonus of being a short cut to Switching or indeed a quick way to load it up externally for a one-off purchase.

Let’s call it a feature :grinning:


It’s also a much faster way to view your sort code and account number. :slight_smile:


I assumed that this became a new feature along the way :man_technologist:


Hi, Yes we decided to make this available all the time. On Android it was always present and so we have aligned the iOS app. The logic before was that it displayed when your balance was less than £25 which wasn’t necessarily the right threshold for everyone and we wanted to make it easier for you to access this section of the app as when we moved it from the main navigation it became harder to find.


Its a welcomed change @sarah.guha


Thanks @sarah.guha. At least there’s a logical reason - feature parity.

And @Joe_Merriman - maybe there’s a bit too much of the N26-type minimalist in me, but I actually think it’s unnecessary and adds a teeny bit of clutter to an otherwise clean home page. But allegedly you can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. :grin:


Haha that made me chuckle. I like that it’s easy to get my Acc & SC from the top-up + :smile:


But the sort code and account number could be better placed on the graphical representation of your card on the ‘card’ tab…? It’s still just one tap away. And in my little brain would be more appropriately placed there. But hey - we all have different opinions about logic and elegance I suppose.


It’s a solution for now :slight_smile: