Top up by using Apple Pay not working


I addressed an issue that I have with Starling not recognising my Netwest as a debit card, which makes impossible top ups via Apple Pay, reducing the functionality of my Starling app and the use of my Starling account.

Starling does not see my Natwest Card as a debit one, but as a pre-paid one.
They blame Natwest for that, which is not the case as my card works for all the payments I make and it is always recognised as debit card, and I have raised the issue with Natwest and re-did my card to ensure is correctly registered as a debit card.

I even spent one hour with Apple Pay support and, after extensive investigations, they concluded that Starling has to fix the issue.

Unfortunately, with no explanation, after waiting more than a week, I have yet again been sent to check with NatWest, but obviously they can’t do anything as my card is a debit card, Apple pay sees it as a debit card, and when it comes to Starling to accept the transaction, they reject it as the Starling app does not see the card correctly.

I even tried to re-set my Starling account to make sure the would receive the correct information from my bank but it seems there is a lack of understanding between the two and Starling still not recognise my card as a debit one, and makes no effort to fix this issue.

The only thing the customer service suggested me is to do a bank transfer instead, seeming not worried that one of the functionality of their app is not working with Natwest.

It would be at least helpful to understand if this is just a problem I have or it is common to other Natwest users. Overall I am disappointed with the lack of support from Starling, I really would like to keep using it but this issue needs to be solved.


Hi @Alex_Ba thanks for your feedback.

We are aware of this and it impacts some NatWest cards.

At this stage we do not allow funding using a prepaid card or credit card; only from standard UK debit cards. Sadly, the NatWest card is not meeting this requirement when attempting to fund with Apple Pay. We have not been able to find the root cause either.

When using the card details manually or by scanning the card, it still works to fund your Starling account.

I’ll raise this with our team again, but meanwhile there are other options to add funds to your account.


I am unable to receive payments using settle up from my other half who banks with NatWest. Starling have added additional logging info to try and determine the issue as it appears to be similar in that it doesn’t recognise as debit card