Top 3 features


We all have our preferences when it comes to banking but interested to know what 3 things would help improve your personal starling experience?

Mine are (priority order):

  1. Roundup - doing this manually currently
  2. Reverse goal scheduled payments (release funds back on specified dates)
  3. Custom month start date


I completely agree with 1 and 2 but my third would be custom categories!

  1. Reverse goal schedule payments
  2. Round up
  3. Ability to create and have greater flexibility over categories for spending analysis


For me:
1/ more useful home screen - pulse is great, but would like to toggle between today, this week, this month
2/ notification if you use your card but it’s been locked or certain mechanisms have been disabled (anyone else tried to withdraw cash when ATM withdrawals have been disabled? :pensive:)
3/ automated goals saving. Roundups are overrated - something which calculates surplus cash (a la Chip) would be much more useful


1… It won’t surprise some people for me to say Direct Debits from a goal. It’ll change everything about the way I bank.

2… A feature I’d like to call “Save The Coin Jar Change Vault”. Because Stealth saving in tiny increments really does work.

3… This is tough… Between the usual suspects like kids accounts or transaction searches, etc… But for the purposes of keeping it at 3 I’ll say… Erm… A notification section of the app, in case you missed something. :blush:


For me it would be the following:

  1. Save the change type feature.

  2. Ability to pay cash or cheques into post office or pay point.

  3. Search functionality in the app.


Top 3 is For me:

  1. Joint / connected accounts
  2. Easy way to desposit money.
  3. Not an app feature: Customer support. While Starling’s has generally been good for me and never really had a negative experience with them yet. My other bank bas superb support and it’s a strong “selling” point for many people. While contacting support should be a rare thing but when you do it should be 5 star. A modern app will only get you so far. I must be clear though I am not being negative I want starling to go from “good” to “superb”.


For me
I would like joint accounts
I would also like to see = change size of font - also to enable voicing balances and entries to help those with poor vision. Perhaps involving RNIB/ care communities for their input would provide a pathway.
Also, simple / detailed switching of the screen - enabling elderly people like Pops.
Overall, I am very happy with it already. Simple, easy and accurate - well done!


My top 3 would be:

  1. DDs direct from Goals (top by quite some distance. As someone else said, this would change the way I bank)

  2. Ability to manually sort the order of Goals.

  3. Pay cheques in by scanning/using your phone’s camera.

2 and 3 are just nice features, 1 would be the absolute pinnacle for me though. I find Starling already offers me more than enough in terms of features and tricks to assist with how I bank. I may come back and edit 2 or 3 if I think of something groundbreaking!

  1. Payments from goals. Not just DDs, but being able to assign merchants to goals. (Could long press on transaction screen and say always pay the merchant from goal)

  2. Round up transactions to a goal

  3. Better transaction management such as searching and attaching receipts, categories etc. Realise that’s multiple things, but comes under “better transaction fidelity”

  1. Top of the list for me is joint accounts.

  2. Post Office cash deposits

  3. DD from shared goals


1: optimised iPad app or web access

2: joint accounts

3: ability to receive payments from other currencies (apart from EUR) / multi currency accounts like revolut


  1. Round up/save the change feature.
  2. Under 18s/connected/joint accounts.
  3. Easier cash and cheque deposits.

  1. sub-accounts that can take SO/DD directly
  2. under-18 account
  3. currency accounts (EUR, USD)

  1. Direct debits/ standing orders from pots
  2. Custom start date for spending
  3. Better savings partners in marketplace. By this I mean ones that are offering some interest and are easily accessible within the starling app. Ideally I’d like a savings account from another provider to show up as a pot on starling and be able to move money in and out of it on the app. I’d also like fixed rate savings. Right now the offering for savings isn’t that useful.

  1. DD from goals
  2. Save the change/sweeper
  3. Re-order or filter scheduled payments by date as well as alphabetical


You know, I hadn’t really considered it, as I hadn’t used my account in anger yet. But the Direct Debit/Standing orders from Goals would be fantastic.

It would radically help budgeting purposes and subsequent analysis.

  1. Custom start date/timeframes in the spending tab
  2. Ability to search transactions
  3. Round up/Save the change


My top 3:

  1. Transaction notes and tags
  2. Transaction search
  3. Full transaction listing for a merchant/category when tapping one (not just current month’s transactions)


I would defo vote:

  1. Euro account integration
  2. Keep pulse for current daily usage overview but have a swipe to view weekly usage overview for last 7 days
  3. Pool Goals - Me and my mates on Starling are planning to take a trip to France over the weekend.
    We calculated the cost of hotel, travel and specific shared expenses.

Have one account manage the Pool, and allow others to see and fund their shared percentage. Star to show their part completed.

  1. DD’s from Goals

  2. Coin Jar

  3. Cash deposits at P.O.