Too many accounts - I need help


I have too many opened bank accounts. My goal is to get this list shortened as possible.

Barclays - My main bank account with a savings account (This is staying for now, need a legacy bank)
EDIT: Forgot to mention, Barclays is also the place to deposit my cash.
Starling - Secondary (Besides, none of you here wouldn’t suggest closing this down…lol)
Revolut - Kinda need this as I love the transfer to any bank account feature, including to my Bank of America account on cheaper rates (I know not to do this on the weekends though)
Bank of America - This is staying
Monzo - Kinda like the feature that people that don’t have Monzo accounts can send money to me via Revolut comes close but you need to have a Revolut account to send money to me. I don’t know any other bank that does this otherwise I currently have no use for Monzo.
Nationwide - Have a CashBuilder account and current account. I opened the current account because Barclays did not have Apple Pay at the time. Now that they do…
Also I have no money stored with them.

Obviously it looks like you guys are going to suggest the axe to Nationwide, but before I do - is there ANY Nationwide benefits that I’m missing? (Also if you see another bank account that you suggest axing, apart from Barclays and BoA say so)


I would say get rid of Nationwide…

Perhaps keep Revolut for the time being, at least until Starling integrate TransferWise.

Why do you need BoA? Is it BoA GBP or USD?

Monzo… do you receive many payments via


Yeah but is there any benefit I’m missing out on Nationwide before I close? If I close with them, I’m not ever reopening an account with them so I need to make sure about this.

I have a BoA US Bank account with an American address attached to it. When I travel to the US, I can avoid ATM fees by withdrawing from a BoA machine. It also helps me with my online import shopping, so I can’t remove this.

About Monzo, not as much - but there has been times that feature is useful. Instead of giving away my bank details everytime I use If only Starling had this feature…


There are no standard benefits with Nationwide that I am aware of.

Unless you have a packaged account with Nationwide?



Do you need a current account to have a cash builder?
If not…

Keep all the others if there’s no cost. In most cases these will be simply be a piece of plastic.

I’ve got a Revolut card for occasional use (and because it’s fascinating that you can secure a currency rate immediately - and they’ve increased their list of currencies).


May I ask what your concerns are in regards to using Starling as your primary?


Ok so possibly suggesting another account to setup is the wrong advice, but you know that Paypal (which most people also have as well) also allow people to just send you money with You just create a link with them, give people the link and then they can pay money straight into your account just like the service.

Then you withdraw it as normal via DDI. I did this last month (arranging a kayaking session for 18 people) and I didn’t have any issues at all (it took a minute or two for the money to transfer from Paypal to my account when I withdraw it).


I try to only have one of each type of account to keep things tidy.

UK Current - Starling
UK Savings - Ford Money (Hoping to switch to Starling)
Non-UK Current - N26 (Germany)

I use TransferWise for all international transfers (brilliant service!).

I previously had Barclays, Lloyds, Metro, Nationwide, Virgin and others. Crazy!


If Starling didn’t also do it, I’d mention that Nationwide also don’t charge to use your card abroad.

Maybe though compare the Barclays and Nationwide Savings accounts and work out which legacy bank it’s really worth being with?


Packaged account? I don’t think so as I never heard of it before. All I have is CashBuilder account (which is basically a savings account) and a current FlexDirect account.


Well Starling is unreliable at the moment. They use GPS and I don’t want to be in a position that I have no access to my money. Yes I have a credit card with Tesco Bank, but I want to use it much less.
EDIT: Also I need a branch to deposit my cash.


I have a PayPal account, but I’m going to be honest here. I hate PayPal. Their scummy fees, and them holding my money for 3-7 working days for withdrawal. I want to use them as little as possible.

If it wasn’t for eBay (which I’m beginning to look elsewhere), I would have closed my PayPal.


No, that’s only if you have a Nationwide credit card. Which I don’t have.

Maybe I should compare their savings accounts, but in terms of Online Banking and number of branches…Barclays stomps all over Nationwide hands down. There’s a Barclays in my town, but no Nationwide. So moving to Nationwide as my main will be a bad idea.


Do you reckon you’re closer to a decision…?


Well I know Nationwide’s going because no one here as yet to say a positive about them or any kind of benefit that I don’t have with any other listed bank…

Once Monzo gets a current account up and running (and off preview), it will be even harder to shake off them because of their features. Really wish Starling or even Revolut has this.


I had a look at TransferWise before I opened up a Revolut account. What put me off is the £5 fee for each transfer. So that’s £5 each time I want to send money to my US bank account. :frowning:

Even Western Union has less fees than TransferWise.


Some companies charge a fee, and others incorporate the fee in to the exchange rate.

TransferWise have often been cheaper than so called “fee free” services for me.

The only point of comparison should be the total cost in original currency. :slight_smile:


If / when Starling implement PayM, that should almost be as good, and that’s the UK standard for personal transfers.


The only thing I would say about Nationwide would be that compared to Barclays, the customer service is fantastic. I have both accounts myself and while I keep Barclays for a big bank ‘link’, I much prefer dealing with Nationwide.


I would second that about Nationwide.