Toggling between accounts on the app (Android)


Morning all, hope you are having a fab Sunday.

Just thought I would let you all know about a bug on the app that doesn’t appear to be mentioned anywhere here so far.

I have a personal account and the app has been working perfectly up until now (very happy Starling customer). I received the email this morning, that I assume most of you will have had, about business accounts now being available to sole traders. So, I jumped at the chance to rid myself of the fees that my legacy bank charges for my business account; set up a new account and ordered my card; a really quick and easy process. Unfortunately though, that was when the problems started. The app supposedly gives the ability to toggle between accounts… but instead, it just froze the app! Totally frozen, can’t access anything, move between screens, etc.

Repeated phone restarts and a couple of uninstall and reinstallations later; still no joy. I messaged via online chat and was told that Starling are aware of the problem affecting “a few Android users” and that “engineers are working on a fix”. The person I ‘spoke’ to told me that the problem apparently comes and goes, but a reinstall should default to my personal account. He didn’t have a solution when I told him that in fact no, it has defaulted to, and frozen on, my brand new business account, with the outcome that my travel money is stuck in money pots and I can’t use the app to make this money available. I travel on Wednesday!

So… thought it would be useful to post here, to let others know: if you are an Android user thinking of taking up the business account offer; I would hang fire. I certainly wish I hadn’t bothered!


To be fair, it doesn’t affect everyone as you’ve been advised, it won’t affect every one who signs up either. Telling people not to sign up to business accounts won’t actually resolve anything at all other than help you feel better?

If i see posts from a complete stranger telling me not to sign up to this that or the other I generally ignore them as will mos t people who are intelligent enough to make their own decisions.

I have both a personal; & business account and can toggle between both on my android device without any issues. It may be worth saying what device you have as it may be manufacturer specific.


Exactly why we need a web interface.
Having just one way to access your account is asking for trouble.


Good afternoon @Gordon_Dack

No, I completely accept that the issue isn’t affecting everybody, but that was exactly why I posted: if it was a universal issue, then I’m sure that Starling would have released some information about it.

My post wasn’t written with the intention of telling people not to sign up for a business account; simply to make people aware. I would hate for anyone else to be in the situation that I find myself in, with absolutely no solution on the horizon and of course, no forewarning that such an issue might arise. If the issue had been highlighted, with my trip being so close, I certainly would have thought twice about signing up for the second account at this point; I would have left it until later, when lack of access to the app would have been far less critical. I am very glad that everything is working for you and the majority of other customers; unfortunately it isn’t for me and some unknown number of others.

The other reason for posting was that in the coming days, until a fix is in place, other customers may come on here with the same issue, and I thought it would be useful if other members here were aware, in order to be able to advise them. At the moment, the only option appears to be keeping fingers crossed…

For info, I am using a Sony Xperia.


try only clearing the cache, not reinstalling


Hello @alejandro.mery

Thank you, I tried that too, with no success.


without attempting to switch accounts, contact customer support through the chat. they work 24/7



As you can see in my original post, I have contacted live chat: they had no solutions, other than wait for the fix to be implemented at some point in the future.


@alexandra no emergency fix for our sole trader friends? they’ve been waiting so long and now they can’t use it? you can do better than this


Thank you @alejandro.mery

I had planned to switch my business account over to Starling from my legacy bank in the next couple of months, but this has made me think twice; I may just wait a while longer. I know that glitches can happen with any electronic system, but at least with my personal finances, I at least have the luxury of knowing that I have more than one account, so will never find myself completely stuck, but I only have one business account.


Hi all!

@bulletthebluesky341 thank you for getting in touch earlier. This appears to be a bug that we’re investigating as a high priority.

In the meantime, if you contact CS via in-app chat we’re able to assist with any account specific questions you may need help with.


What a ridiculous assumption to make.

@bulletthebluesky341 is merely trying to assist others because there is a POSSIBILITY that the same will happen to other Android users.


@bulletthebluesky341 sorry to hear about your experience, :crossed_fingers:it will be fixed ASAP.


Thank you Joe @Joe_Merriman.

I shall continue keeping my fingers crossed.


I’m confident a fix will be pushed as quickly as possible for an urgent bug like this.


I certainly hope so @Joe_Merriman.


Any news on the fix for this @alexandra (or anyone else)? My app is still frozen on my business account, despite numerous phone restarts, cache clearances, uninstallations and reinstallations of the app. I have had to make the decision to abandon any thoughts of using Starling for my trip which starts tomorrow.


maybe @sarah.guha or @LoganAllan can help


I know you shouldn’t have to do this, but have you tried a reinstall of your phone OS? scrap that, not a good idea you are going away tomorrow!


Hi @bulletthebluesky341 I checked with the Android team this morning about this and the update I have is that we weren’t able to reproduce the exact same issue you have described but they have addressed a crash which they believe might to related to this behaviour. This release will be available tomorrow.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee this will fix the issue for you so your feedback will be crucial. Please keep us updated when you get the release and we’ll continue to investigate the switching interaction.

I hope you enjoy your trip and fingers crossed you can use Starling when away.