Timeframe for ability to send SEPA payments?



So I have been putting my savings into bitcoin for the last couple of months - but as Coinbase only allows you to withdraw to a bank account that it has received a SEPA payment from; I do not have the ability to withdraw any money from gdax/coinbase.

I spoke to a CSR regarding this and was told “soon” a few months ago - and was just wondering if there was any kind of timeframe for this?

What I don’t want to have, is an emergency happen and not be able to access my savings - but I know this is an issue I’ve created myself, but an issue that Starling can solve (once they have implemented 2 way SEPA payments).

On a side note, the other bank account I own is Nationwide - although they have SEPA payments, apparently they do not allow the number of characters coinbase requires as the reference code…so its impossible to use that.


Thanks :smiley:


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