Ticketmaster Hacked


I’m smart I have a forwarding address and disposable emails. So i’ll be fine watching these concerts.


Ahh, I’m not sure either.

If Monzo say they have replaced 6,000 cards - I don’t know if that is 6,000 compromised cards (out of the 40,000), or if they are just being cautious.

If it’s the former, I’m still amazed that Monzo customers represented such a huge percentage of compromised cards.


Monzo replaced every card of a person that used ticketmaster between them dates, not the cards of people that were compromised.


This was my question…

Was every card used between those dates compromised (that was my understanding?)

Or were only some of the cards compromised between those dates?


Only a very small percentage, I bet if you check ticket sales, there would have been millions sold between them dates.


Monzo PR has been quite good with this, whereas Starling looks more like a legacy bank not saying anything.