Three months in


So I’ve been using my Starling account for three months now and i really am so happy with the account so far and it will only get better… the spending insights has helped me manage my money in a new way (a better way). I have not used my Nationwide account in three months and I see no need in the future.

With so much more to come in the next 6 months, it really is an exciting time to be part of the Starling community… and a thank you to @sarah.gilbert for being so active on the community, listening and responding to questions / feedback.


Whoop thanks @Joe_Merriman :pray:


Yes, thanks Sarah, you’ve been great support. And nicely put @Joe_Merriman, onward and upward…


As soon as Starling gives me some sort of joint feature I’ll zip away from Halifax :slight_smile:


I’ve just noticed that ApplePay no longer has a £30 limit. lol

This may help with the Joint issue for me at the moment.


All depends on if the till has been updated to support it or not.


It depends on the retailer and whether their equipment recognises something called CDCVM. Apple Pay has been out for a while, so many retailers have updated their kit by now, but where they haven’t the limit will be the same as contactless - £30.

I understand Starling have an upper limit for a single Apple Pay transaction of £500. I find that interesting as CDCVM-authentication is, in my mind, much more secure than chip-and-PIN.