Themes to differentiate accounts


I’ve just joined and love the Starling experience. I’m moving personal and business banking over but find that I’m not always sure which account I’m in when I first load the app.

It would be great if you could set colour themes within the app, and have different ones for each account - i.e. my business account could be the shade of blue I have in my company logo and my personal account could be red to match my football team!

Many thanks!


You own a company and a football team? :grinning:


Haha, I wish! I use the word “my” loosely!


Great idea!

If Starling don’t want us to actually personalise and pick our own colours (to keep things on brand maybe), since the business debit cards being identical to the personal ones was meant to be a temporary measure just for launch (I presume this is still the case?) if the business cards were white with purple highlights say, perhaps the app could reflect that and just switch the colours around for each card, and maybe joint accounts could have their own version, perhaps using the turquoise/green colour, and the same for euro account, i’m clutching at straws here given i’m running out of Starling brand colours… maybe the dark navy? You get the idea anyway. Less fun than your ‘PYO’ idea, but perhaps a middle point between that and having everything uniform.


I agree - matching app colours to card colours would be useful. I’m still waiting for my cards so didn’t realise they were both going to be the same colour (this is one of the smaller problems I have with HSBC currently!)


Yeah, as i say, when they launched they definitely said it was temporary, basically because the lead in time to get the cards made was like 12 weeks or more i think, so to get the business account launched ASAP they were using the standard cards, with the business ones to follow. I haven’t heard if this case still, but maybe i’ve missed it. @sarah.guha? Is this still the plan?


That’s still the case yes. We’ll update you soon on when you can expect the new card design.