The Starling Marketplace is now live with Kasko ✈


Hi everyone,

Wanted to let you all know that Kasko with AXA travel insurance is now live in the Marketplace! Should you choose to purchase travel insurance through Kasko, then you will be able to see the dates of cover in your Starling Marketplace home screen.

Here’s an example of how it looks:


Just in time for my holiday! I’m so excited by the marketplace :smile: great work to all involved in making this happen.


I love the concept of the Marketplace and welcome all new additions. However, I really think there needs to be some sort of incentive.

If I’m looking for insurance, I will check Quidco and the main comparison sites (£5 for signing up using my link). That means I end up with the best quote and either cashback, a cuddly meerkat or 2-for-1 movies :slight_smile: If I go through the Marketplace, I get to see the dates of cover without leaving my banking app… not much of an incentive.

I’m in the process of switching a couple of pension pots to PensionBee (£50 for signing up using my link). The incentive for me was that their offering has performed better than my existing pension funds and I will find it useful to be able to quickly check my pension pot balance from within the Starling app. When it comes to purchasing insurance (or getting a mortgage, opening an ISA, etc.) there needs to be a better incentive IMHO.


mine left the app and went into a browser? is that right?


I agree @danmullen, maybe an introduction offer (i.e a one off). Or like Flux did with a certain number of free coffees at Eat.


Can I also float the notion that the Marketplace should be more prominent now it is being populated and shouldn’t in the account details. Maybe an icon next to the account details on the top right would be good on iOS, or on the card screen like how Monzo have implemented it.


In Android it is easy to find, just go to the hamburger menu.


a good development. Wasnt obvious to me as a Starling newbie where the marketplace was on the ios version of the app until i read this thread


Silly question, but how do you know the cost of the insurance?


This will change for sure.


Presumably you can get a quote once you’ve clicked through and signed up. It’s a bit like car insurance, i.e. not one price for all.


@Joe_Merriman I did a quick quote and it came out at just under £160 for annual worldwide multi-trip insurance for me and my family (2 x adults, 3 x children).

I actually get pretty good cover included with my Nationwide FlexPlus account, so this one’s not for me.


Yes, Nationwide have been in that business a fair while, haven’t they? Difficult to beat (with it being a current account perk as well).


Yeah, when you add in the mobile phone insurance and breakdown cover, it’s by far the best packaged bank account available.


Co-funded by the European Union, so what’s the plan post-Brexit… :wink:

As KASKO is a platform and the provider is AXA Travel Insurance, I immediately got a quote from for comparison.

Strangely, AXA asked for all details before providing a quote, whereas the KASKO form gave me a quote immediately.

I tried to enter exactly the same details: 2 adults, Europe, multi

Website: £30.78-49.57 (Bronze - Gold)
KASKO: £71.64

The KASKO offer seems to be equivalent to Bronze (£1000 cancellation cover), but possibly with lower medical cover (website offers £10 million, but for “medical and repatriation”)

I didn’t bother clicking through to compare all the details, but it does look like just another offer of travel insurance and by no means obviously the best or somehow different…


That’s my concern. The Marketplace has huge potential. I hope it ends up full of great providers offering best-in-class services and additional benefits for customers. Please don’t let it become a list of affiliate links that earns a small commission for Starling.


It was just about £50 for a worldwide annual for me. I can get it cheaper than that for me through the travel industry. I have stuck with Nationwide, as their package is really attractive.


I was looking forward to this. Unfortunately this cover is too expensive and £1000 of cancellation cover won’t suffice.


I have an account with Nationwide that I have kept open purely for the phone insurance and holiday insurance.


Agree. I’ve no intention of using this, I’m afraid… and here was me all excited for what the marketplace had to offer. The options so far are disappointing (IMO). I will always go through Topcashback to get the best insurance deal. With this, I’m completely restricted to potentially the most expensive insurance quote on the market…