The Starling Marketplace is now live with Flux 📃


Update your apps now - the Starling marketplace is live! :boom:

Our first integrated partner is Flux - they’re on a mission to get rid of paper receipts. Once you’ve added Flux to your Starling account in the “Marketplace” section of our app, you can spend at any of Flux’s partnered locations and you’ll receive a receipt right in your Starling app! Loyalty is coming soon too. :tada:

For more details, check out this article from TechCrunch. :sparkles:

Marketplace - A new category on the Starling Community! 👌

Very useful for those of us who don’t live in the big smoke…


Pop over the peaks, there’s some EAT. stores in Manchester :wink:

Just kidding! There is more partners coming soon to Flux. :smiley:


Can we have some Marketplace stuff that isn’t just for Londoners, both this and Tail both discriminate anyone who isn’t in London.


I think this could grow to be a killer feature and this is a great first addition to the marketplace!

I’ve already tested it buying my lunch; I’m very impressed as it even shows more complex stuff such as my center discount on my Eat receipt.

Keep up with the good work, this is exactly the kind of feature/linkup that had me consider using Starling in the first place. :smile:


Glad to hear it @thom_horne! :raised_hands:


I have connected it anyway - so I’m ready!


Connected flux


Hi everyone :wave:

Matty from Flux here, just saying hi and if anyone has any questions please feel free to reach out. Also, all feedback and suggestions are very welcomed!

Very excited to be working with Starling and at the forefront of the banking marketplace! :smile:


Hi @matty and welcome. :slight_smile: As I said in this thread earlier, I’m very impressed with Flux so far and around a year ago I suggested a similar add-on to Monzo when I was a user over there. I couldn’t see how a single bank would be able to accomplish approaching and maintaining an uplink with so many merchants, so it’s lovely to see a company stepping in solely to do this task. :slight_smile:

I had a word with a member of Flux staff earlier regarding advertising and what happens with my contact information when using Flux. i.e. does the merchant see and have all my contact information?

I asked as a very well known electrical retailer pushes their e-reciepts as they then automatically sign you up to their newsletter. I opted out of the newsletter to only be added back on again with my next purchase. I emailed requesting manual and permanent deletion and the next time I purchased something with my card (I didn’t even give my email address for this purchase!) I had a personalised “How are you finding your PRODUCT NAME, Thomas?” email, which was not at all cool! Needless to say I no longer purchase from this chain of stores.

I’m happy to say my response was as follows:

Retailer do not receive your email or contact information. They actually do not receive ANY personal information for the customer. They only see aggregate information of spending pattern and what rewards have been used/redeemed, things like that. We also agree email spam is not fun.

I said at the time and for feedback I will add it here too, that I think this should be added into the FAQ’s on the website. I know many people like myself are wary of this kind of thing as companies haven’t respected their promises of “it’s only for the receipt.” before. I think a small statement in the FAQ’s like the one above would negate any worries about possible spam when signing up.


So what does flux do exactly? It gets receipts but only from Eat and someone else?


Currently; although the website states that more companies will be added soon and that an automatic loyalty scheme where certain stores implement them will also be added soon.

I’m for anything that cuts down on paper and I have already been using Evernote for a number of years to go paperless.


Where is the receipt supposed to show up? I registered with flux on the marketplace and made a purchase at Eat for the sole purpose of testing it but all that shows is my transaction like normal.


Nero would work really well with this as their new App lets you pay and collect stamps with one scan. No reason that purchases with Starling achieving the same.

More of a problem with Costa as their loyalty programme is a separate action.


On this screen swipe up to reveal

Would be great if there was an export button on the receipt. I forgot mine when I left EAT this morning so will be submitting this screenshot as my expenses to work lol!!


Enabled Flux, clearly l was one of the lucky 1000 as this morning l got my free flat white :+1: looking forward to more retailers and loyalty ‘cards’.


Thank you - i can see it now - i must have taken an hour or so to appear. As for submitting your lunch from EAT on expenses - that sounds like a place i’d want to work!


Hey @thom_horne! :wave:

Thank you for your support!

This is exactly the challenge and opportunity that we see :smile:

Also, really appreciate your comment on not sharing contact information with retailers - it’s a great point. We’ve updated our site to reflect that in our FAQs - :grin:


Hey @bte,

Apologies for the delay on this! Did you get your free regular hot drink?


Hey @Matt_Taylor,

Thank you for this, we are looking at export function as we agree exporting is super important :muscle: