The Starling Bank roadmap: What's next for 2018?



I’ve used Revolut quite a bit. Mostly it was good until they randomly froze my account and required copies of several bank statements to unblock it (I’d been fully verified for over a year and hadn’t used the account for a month when they blocked it).

Overall, the app is nice, and their quality is very impressive given their rapid iteration - I’ve noticed almost no bugs despite many feature releases in a short period of time. The app does includes a bit too much cross advertising of their other products for my liking though.

Unfortunately their customer support is beyond terrible, and they do seem to have a penchant for blocking accounts.


I’ve just spotted that it’s now possible to add a note or photo to a transaction. There’s the little “Attach+” option at the bottom when you open a transaction.
Thank you! I’ve been missing this. So glad it’s possible now.


Categorisation needs some attention - it appears to have been languishing (and falling behind competition). The attention to detail that initially attracted me to Starling seems to have fallen behind :

  1. Remember user-overrides to categorisation of merchant. After only 6 months, I know I am getting less and less motivated to go through, review and re-categorise the many transactions that require re-catergorisation.
  2. Set limits on categories - which can then result in notifications if they are exceeded (and can be displayed in red on spending page)
  3. Intelligently prompt re-categorisation - e.g. on holiday or on business trip (which you can detect via location)
  4. Provide month-on-month trends for categories (including showing when over limit)
  5. Ability to exclude individual transactions from Spending summary (e.g. one-off large payments or transfers that would otherwise skew the report)
  6. Ability separate/toggle discretionary spending from non-discretionary spending on the Spending page - e.g. exclude Direct Debits & Standing Orders & Individual payments which correspond to bills & subscriptions - to make it easier to track & manage discretionary spending


how often to new updates get released?


Hi @Chetan86, there is no regular update pattern.

Updates happen regularly though, probably once per month or so.


on android you get one release around two weeks after the previous desperated bugfixing spree that followed the previous


I just noticed cc @sarah.guha that you can’t add notes to transfers out of Goals. I often put money aside in Goals then take it out as I spend it. It’s nice to be able to keep track of why I took money out of a Goal but the Notes on Transactions feature doesn’t let me do this.
Any chance of adding the Notes feature to transfers into and out of Goals, please?


Hi @jaclong nice suggestion to expand the Notes features to other transaction types. I’ll pass this along to the engineer to built the notes/attachment feature.


We’ve made these updates today, so you’ll see Notes on Goal payments hopefully in our next releases.


Wow that was quick!



If transactiontype = “goals” then
Computer says no
Computer says yes


Computer says yes




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I did use spaces as I couldn’t find tab but when I posted it removed them .sigh


Ahh, the tab vs space debate!

If lineformat = “space” then
Else if lineformat = null then
Print “You crazy?!?”

Edit: I can confirm line formatting does not work


You should be able to indent your code nicely if you use the preformatted text editor button.

if ($preformatted) {
    echo "Nice indentation!";
} else {
    echo "Ugh!";

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Note: I’m trying this on my phone…

That’s better! :sunglasses:


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Card has never failed for me.

When was the last time it failed for you?


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