The Starling Bank roadmap: What's next for 2018?



Starling Bank needs to know that there is demand for an iPad/tablet app. After all, a mobile bank can include other mobile devices apart from smart phones like tablets.

I kindly request the relevent team at Starling Bank to consider this


This is a must, a fully electronic app only bank, where you have to send a cheque in the post to cash it, is ludicrous!


I hope starling (and others) don’t support cheques or cheque imaging and instead push tech that does the same job but paperless and instantly (ideally a universally accepted method). Sometimes you have to do things that aren’t popular to make advancements in the way we do things. When DVD drives were removed from computers people went nuts, look where we are now, super fast, instant file transfers.


Or when Apple removed the headphone jack :wink:


Exactly, and now what are most other companies doing! :grin:


The difference between removing the headphone jack in a phone and cheque imaging is that you may be wanting to “progress” with technology (in this example get a phone without a headphone jack) which is fine as it affects only you. Whereas cheques are dependent on other people. I too hate cheques, however I receive two cheques a year from my nan (that take me about a month to sort out each time!!) and she is not going to be “rolling with the times” any time soon. So as long as cheques persist I would appreciate a more convenient way of paying them in whenever I do happen to receive one…


Good and humorous reply. I agree, i think for Starling to keep moving forward, it still has to be “backward compatible” until those avenues are completely eradicated. Cover most bases.


Disappointing there’s still no mention of PayM / pay a contact / mobile payments

Pretty much all banking customers in the UK can get this from their bank but not us :frowning:


Please see below regarding PayM


:grinning: :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: COMPLETELY AGREE. Cheques are still in use, but they are yesteryear.


It’s probably the biggest reason I’m not switching to starling as it’s missing.


Cheque imaging is a strong selling point for me. I still receive a few each year, and more annoyingly have to write a few each year. I don’t like cheques and I’d happily live without them but the reality is I can’t abandon them.


Just been reading that by 2025, there are still expected to be 237 million cheques cashed in the UK each year.

Also read that the new image clearing system is expected to be adopted by all UK banks by the end of this year. Once all banks are on board, the old paper-based system will be closed.


The facility should be there for people who want to use, the rest can ignore it, it won’t exactly get in the way. I am writing an app and intend to give as much choice as possible to the users, whats good for one maybe good for another and vice versa. To me the more an app does the better someone will get the use out of it


I’m looking forward to Euro accounts and Joint accounts because it will allow me to consolidate all my banking needs with Starling.


I’m completely on board with skipping web functionality but I think getting an iPad & Android tablet version is vital.

I work in IT and I know many people who’ve traded their laptops out for iPads, but more than that sometimes you just want a bigger screen to work from.


Yes please Starling Bank @sarah.guha @JamesPratley

The demand is there for an iPad app. This will be a dream come true to allow us to also access our Starling bank accounts when we’re working on a bigger device on our desks. It will also allow us a second device to contuine our banking when our phone battery dies or if we loose or break our phones. Also for security.

Please Please Please Starling Bank, consider optimising the beautiful app to allow it to work natively on iPads & tablets. Other newer fintech banks have managed to optimise their apps successfuly. We would love for Starling Bank to also offer an additional app to function nicely on larger mobile devices (iPad’s and tablets)

Thank you

(shout out to allowing us to recieve incoming payments from overseas - apart from the EUR)


I hope the search function includes a running total of what the search results show.

Example: I search for Uber(or a category etc) , and the total amount of all the search results are combined and displayed at the top.


That’s the point @MattK: The majority of people either do not issue or receive cheques, or they get a few a year. That is never going to be a compelling argument for Starling. You write a few too - but surely you are not suggesting Starling should issue cheque books to us!!! Should they also provide us with paying-in slip books and post us monthly paper statements?

I’ve signed up to Starling because I want something different. If people want what the high street banks provide, maybe they should stay with the high street banks!


Great advert for Starling - if you want to cash a cheque, we don’t want your business! What about if you want to pay in cash? That’s so twentieth century…

I doubt Starling would attract many business customers if they had no facility to process a cheque. All banks will be using the new imaging clearing system by the end of the year so, actually, Starling will be left behind the “legacy” banks by not offering it.