The Starling Bank roadmap: What's next for 2018?



@MartinPerry That might be one of the surprises :wink:


Thank you @sarah.guha - a very reassuring and informative blog post.

Was a bit worried when I’d almost got to the bottom and not seen any mention of joint accounts, so was relieved to see that near the end.

I was surprised payments from goals wasn’t mentioned, but as @Cragmireuk said, hopefully will be a surprise feature :grinning:


Cheers @sarah.guha a great roadmap!


Thanks @sarah.guha, just the right tone as well. Plenty of intentions and updates without giving too much away!


Good to get an update - thanks @sarah.guha. I’m pleased that Joint accounts, Young Persons accounts and Round Ups are mentioned. These are essential. I assume that fixing known problems is a given, which is why they are not mentioned. Examples, Category and Merchant spendings don’t tally; ATM withdrawals are categorised as Payments, rather than Cash; Pulse and statements balances differ.


Enhancing our app login experience
Finally! It’s really put me off using you at all how slow you’ve been on this (nearly a year). Is there any timeline for when to expect - you last mentioned ‘early 2018’ and its been a problem for ages. Also will this just be login updates? I know you mentioned before you were looking at or in app enhancements, will touch/face id be used as password replacement around the app or is this not part of this?

A new menu and the ability to add a profile photo to your account
Will that need a password?

A little extra…
Can you make sure this doesn’t abuse your contacts like monzo - blocking the screen if you don’t give access?

Banking with your loved ones
@sarah.guha So i could have a separate business account, and also separate joint account but no second account?


Nice, did I miss a section on pulse updates, I remember a while back when a suggestion was made view not just daily but weekly and monthly spend one of your guys showed us a few screen shots of what this may look like, is that further down the pipeline?


Hopefully not as a password REPLACEMENT but just an additional/alternative option/choice.


I think that spread payment option (if the rate is competitive) is a very cool innavotive idea.


I agree that it sounds like a very interesting service. I am a little surprised though given that Starling have previously said they aren’t interested in offering credit cards, loans, even savings accounts - just the best current account available.

I’m not complaining at all - things like this set Starling apart from the competition.


Totally agree, that was a surprise to see. Great idea!


We’re not wasting any time… International Payments are now live on iOS! :raised_hands:


Glad you enjoyed our roadmap, but please don’t try to eat it. :wink:


An iPad/tablet app is not currently on our list, but I believe receiving currencies other than GBP and EUR is something we’re looking in to. Perhaps @kjersti.larsen could provide an update. :dollar:


Absolutely - the blog is all about new features as opposed to bug fixes. Hopefully we’ll squash those bugs in good time! :bug:


Thanks @JamesPratley good to know with iOS update.


Hi @lee - @sarah.guha is currently away on holiday for the next week, but I’m sure she’ll be able to answer some of these questions once she returns. :slight_smile:


Possibly the only roadmap in history that’ll need this warning. :joy:


Thanks @lozfromcorby - I can certainly see it being handy for those unexpected surprises in life, or to help spread the cost of moving home for generation rent (like me)! :money_with_wings:


Android update next with new login screen? :wink: