The Starling Bank roadmap: What's next for 2018?



Good evening everyone,

Just like you, we thought it was about time for a catch-up too. So, I’m excited to share our shiny new roadmap from our Product Director, @sarah.guha. Consider it a treat for the end of the week (and for your wonderful support along our journey so far).

Enjoy! :sparkles:

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Passport to Europe 🇪🇺
Starling Roadmap - what features are you most looking forward to?

Impressive readmap :thumbsup:


thanks for the roadmap @JamesPratley looks good too me. Thanks also too @sarah.guha


All sounds great :+1:


Happy that roundup made the roadmap :grinning:. Thanks for updating, nice to see what’s coming next and to know we’ll be getting a few surprises too.


I like it. It’s delicius but realistic at the same time. Not many things but important things.

révision: delightful! I really meant delightful!


As a Starling customer, I’m very pleased with what’s on the road map. Especially the mention of joint accounts that will hopefully arrive soon. Although I’m a very pleased Starling customer, I didn’t see a mention on 2 important features that are essential to me. These are

  • an iPad/tablet app (that is optimized to work natively on an iPad/tablet)

  • the ability to accept incoming international payments apart from the EUR (IBAN payments).

I hope these 2 features will get included eventually.

However thanks for the road map and for giving us the opportunity to be part of this exciting journey!


What happened to being able to make payments and direct debits from Goals, thiught that would have been somewhere at the top of the roadmap based on the requests it gets in here, probably even more than a Round-Up feature.


@MartinPerry That might be one of the surprises :wink:


Thank you @sarah.guha - a very reassuring and informative blog post.

Was a bit worried when I’d almost got to the bottom and not seen any mention of joint accounts, so was relieved to see that near the end.

I was surprised payments from goals wasn’t mentioned, but as @Cragmireuk said, hopefully will be a surprise feature :grinning:


Cheers @sarah.guha a great roadmap!


Thanks @sarah.guha, just the right tone as well. Plenty of intentions and updates without giving too much away!


Good to get an update - thanks @sarah.guha. I’m pleased that Joint accounts, Young Persons accounts and Round Ups are mentioned. These are essential. I assume that fixing known problems is a given, which is why they are not mentioned. Examples, Category and Merchant spendings don’t tally; ATM withdrawals are categorised as Payments, rather than Cash; Pulse and statements balances differ.


Enhancing our app login experience
Finally! It’s really put me off using you at all how slow you’ve been on this (nearly a year). Is there any timeline for when to expect - you last mentioned ‘early 2018’ and its been a problem for ages. Also will this just be login updates? I know you mentioned before you were looking at or in app enhancements, will touch/face id be used as password replacement around the app or is this not part of this?

A new menu and the ability to add a profile photo to your account
Will that need a password?

A little extra…
Can you make sure this doesn’t abuse your contacts like monzo - blocking the screen if you don’t give access?

Banking with your loved ones
@sarah.guha So i could have a separate business account, and also separate joint account but no second account?


Nice, did I miss a section on pulse updates, I remember a while back when a suggestion was made view not just daily but weekly and monthly spend one of your guys showed us a few screen shots of what this may look like, is that further down the pipeline?


Hopefully not as a password REPLACEMENT but just an additional/alternative option/choice.


I think that spread payment option (if the rate is competitive) is a very cool innavotive idea.


I agree that it sounds like a very interesting service. I am a little surprised though given that Starling have previously said they aren’t interested in offering credit cards, loans, even savings accounts - just the best current account available.

I’m not complaining at all - things like this set Starling apart from the competition.


Totally agree, that was a surprise to see. Great idea!


We’re not wasting any time… International Payments are now live on iOS! :raised_hands: