The Starling Bank roadmap: what's happening in the next 12 months


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Any update for this year?? I’m guessing joint accounts are parked??


I was wondering the same myself, in the article they say “We’ll be looking to launch our ‘connected accounts’ towards the end of the year” so was that supposed to be the end of 2017? or 1 year from when the article was published? (June 2017)



We are always ambitious with our goals and what we want to achieve. In 2017 we managed to achieve most of what we set out to do in the first half of our 12 month roadmap. Joint accounts are still something we are looking to do but we won’t be launching anything imminently. As per my update here our current new product priorities are business accounts and euro accounts, whilst we continue to update our personal current account too. Much of the engineering required to deliver these can be leveraged for joint accounts which we hope to still deliver soon after.

I know many of you are waiting for joint accounts and so once I have a better idea of timings I will let you know.


This reply hurts my heart a little bit… Telling us you’re focusing on businesses and all the features we’re listing, hoping for and patiently waiting for will have to wait…

It’s like you’ve let us to join the school lunch queue and we’ve been waiting patiently, we’ve all got a sniff of the great food to come but, just as we’re about to get our tray, you’ve let all the drama and sports kids (SME) push in and now we have to just sit in the corner and wait to taste that sweet, sweet potential.

I’m assuming there are some sound business, financial, necessary reasons to decide to just make us all have to wait. And that’s fine, I guess. You’ll do what you have to.

But it still hurts my heart.

Transaction round ups, DDs from goals, kids accounts, joint accounts, etc etc…

I wouldn’t mind so much but YOU put the DDs from a goal out there! YOU invited the possibility into my head. In one of your blogs you pointed out that it was your intention. If you hadn’t said that I wouldn’t have moved all my DDs over. But I believed in the product and got excited by your announcements and jumped in fully. And now you’re saying that I’m on pause while you make new stuff for new people.

I shall now make sulky pouty faces.

Have a lovely day.



I don’t know where to put this message.
My names bri and I don’t know much about shares but will starling be offering to buy equityshares in the bank like stocks Inn the bank? Do they already trade stocks?? Ifor I sound dumb it will be because I am but it interests me


You’re not dumb @Brian_Woods, but Starling are not currently traded on the Stock Exchange. I suggest you stash some funds in a goal called “Investing in my bank” - for now :grinning:


Well I’m impressed and I really think it’s the way forward. I’m currently in my first year doing a hons degree in computing and IT so it’s something I was keen to keep an eye on. And please if you do ever give your customers a chance to buy into your bank, let me know will you lol.




Yes. I think we would all be excited to get that opportunity!


As starling is meant to be at the forefront of new tech do we know when the attached will be coming out? In my opinion this would be another great step towards starling becoming my main account. I believe they need a cash back credit, cheap loans and a regular saver for me to really switch as my main account.

I’ve posted this here because I really think a clear roadmap needs to be posted as the majority of people here are people who look to the future of banking.


It’s been discussed here Cheque deposit

Bottom line is the rollout of image based cheque clearing (assuming the bank has the code ready to go) is out of the control of individual banks, the system is currently in a phased rollout by the Cheque and Credit Clearing company, so it may be a little while skill before Starling is even allowed to roll it out, whether the in app feature is ready or not.

Interesting article about it all here:–-revolutionary-journey-february-2018

Re the other products, they have all been talked about but at the moment it seems Starling are focusing on building out the current account propositions, expanding the personal account, imminently launching SME and sole trader accounts and eventually launching connected (joint) account and youth accounts. There doesn’t seem to be any appetite for launching products beyond current accounts and I’m not over surprised by that. In this new world companies are becoming increasingly more specialist, in finance and everywhere else, where companies used to try and launch every product a customer would ever need in that category you now get companies trying to perfect that one product.

There are loads of fintechs out there now running specialised services, whether it be savings (Cleo, Plum etc), credit cards (tandem), or other services. What we are seeing instead of the one fits all approach, which I personally find much more exciting, is companies forging partnerships in ways we haven’t seen before. Starling Marketplace is a prime example, you want a regular saver, loan and CC, well I am afraid even 2 or 3 years from now, I doubt VERY much that Starling will have those products, but you won’t notice, because the marketplace will be filled with products like it that slip into the Starling app and allow you to manage right from there, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds, the ability to see and move money all from one place (Starling) while getting products and services from companies who aren’t spreading their offer too thinly, but are specialising and hopefully therefore bringing better products to market.


A really helpful post, @Bmacrow, thanks.


I’m wondering what with the menu reorganization, the launching of business accounts this month, opening in Ireland this month and international transfers in testing - a big app update is in the works?

Or just wishful thinking? :smiley:


The launch in Ireland will catch us off guard, it’s more exciting that way :smile:


Just opened up a Starling account. I know it’s been said a thousand times but instant round up…is this coming? It’s just been implemented by another startup and really it’s one of the things stopping me from closing the other account and completely moving to Starling.


For the meantime, you can integrate Moneybox which has a round-up feature.


International transfers has arrived on Android… so that’s one checked off the list :upside_down_face:


I don’t like moneybox’s round up feature, I know it’s what they are limited to technologically at the moment (although when payment instructions reach starlings API that will change) but I don’t see it as a proper round up when they only take it via DD once a week.

Monzo’s round up money pot feature is what I am looking for…


And Moneybox charge for their service.


I like the idea but not the product…

They are essentially saying, "We’ll count up all the pennies, from all the little transactions, that you’d NEVER EVEN NOTICE, and add them together and deduct them en masse in amounts you really WILL notice! You might as well just stick twenty quid a week aside.

I do love the idea of Starling doing it live though. It’s basically “Stealth Saving”. Like when I was young and would get home from the pub pretty wasted, I’d throw whatever money was left in my pockets into my Beer Change Box and when I woke up I’d be too busy suffering and vomiting to remember what I put in there. It soon added up to enough to spend on a night out… Etc etc…

Oh the things I could have done now with all the money I p***ed away! :joy: :joy: :joy:

I don’t need international transfers, but I like that stuff is being added. Well done! Keep it up. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: