The Register: UK not as keen on mobile wallets as mainland Europe and US


Maybe the perceived lack of pickup is because it’s so poorly advertised.
Retailers are still not sure what ApplePay and AndroidPay are…much less that they are not the same as contactless payments.

People are still surprised when I pay with my phone or watch


I work in retail and am surprised by the amount of people who hate and don’t want to use contactless but also don’t realise a thief could use it whether they have ever used it or not!

I agree that most people don’t realise they can pay via Apple or Android Pay and when they do they consider it to be too risky to consider, despite it being the opposite. :frowning:


I refuse to use “contactless” for security reasons, but Apple/AndroidPay mean my wallet rarely leaves the house. Thieves can have my Phone and watch if they want.
They’re completely useless to them.

Contactless card is…


Which is logical, I’m talking about people paying by chip and pin and saying they won’t use contactless as it’s insecure. :stuck_out_tongue: